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Hello! I enjoy elves, witches, fairies, and other types of fantasy elements! Fantasy has always been my favorite genre, and I'm looking forward to some amazing roleplays here! ♡

General Info
➺ I'm selective, so I will not rp with everyone who approaches me!
➺ You and your character must be 18+!
➺ semi-lit/lit rper!
➺ I write in 3rd person!
➺ EST timezone!
➺ most active between 12pm-10pm!
➺ I'm a college student so I may not always be super active or in the mood for rp on certain days!

● I only roleplay with users and characters who are 18+!
● Do not flirt or be inappropriate with me in ooc! I will block you!
● Do not greet me in ooc as an oc/character! This is incredibly awkward for me...
● Do not send me a starter as your first message! If you want to rp with me, we have to discuss plot and stuff beforehand.
● Do not constantly bump me to respond. Keep in mind I will be roleplaying with other members as well plus juggling college work! If you want a quality response do not pressure me to respond!
● I am only interested in rping with people who can send me at least 2-3 paragraphs in response and have good grammar!
● 3rd person perspective only!
● I will not rp any dark themes!

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