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Please read my whole description.

( Discord : skiesick#8742 )

Hi, I'm Atlas. I'm a 20 year old man who is happily married to the husband of his dreams. I, of course, can't go to my husband and beg to roleplay Black Butler with him, he has his own interests. I am on here for the sole purpose of roleplay, NOT for a side relationship. I am perfectly happy being monogamous.
Below you'll find information on how I roleplay, what I roleplay, so on and so forth. I highly suggest you read those before starting a roleplay with me.

Roleplay Rules
  • Anybody and everybody I roleplay with should be at least 18 years of age.
  • I roleplay with quotations around the dialogue and actions outside of the quotations, I expect my roleplay partner to do that, too. (ex. "Hello," they said.)
  • I roleplay with proper grammar, my preferred roleplay partner should do that as well. (ex. say "hello", not "hewo"; check your spelling, usage, and punctuation before sending your message; etc.). Characters are allowed to speak like that ("hewo", "pwease") of course, but only if it fits their personality.

Roleplay No-Nos

It is very rare I will use any items on this list. No items on this list should be the main theme of the story.
  • Pedophilia, unless it is crucial to a character's backstory or such.
  • Abuse, with the same exceptions as pedophilia.
  • Zoophilia/beastiality, no exceptions.
  • Rape/non-consensual, with the same exceptions as pedophilia and abuse.

Roleplay Maybes

Ask before using these in a story, either as a main theme or as a side detail.
  • Kinks, it very much depends on the kink (kinks I will absolutely never do are anything to do with feet, armpits, scat, vomit, or piss.).
  • Hate crime/speech/etc., if it moves the story along, sure. Just at least ask first.
  • Killing off characters, this should be self-explanatory as to why it's in the "maybes" section.

Roleplay Green Lights

Don't bother asking about adding these in a story, these are always accepted.
  • Gore.
  • Drug use/smoking/alcohol use.
  • 18+ sexual content.
  • Romance.

Fandoms I Roleplay (updated whenever I have the chance to)
  • Black Butler
  • Pokémon
  • Mega Man

Rave Reviews

He is the bestat Rp and Being supportive!!I love him so much !! <3 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Incubus

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