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Hi, welcome to my profile! Don't abandon me ;-;

I'm a weird little seal with a weird little life, plus a huge vocabulary I have no idea how to use.



When I first start writing a book: Peter jolted awake, his face covered in what his pride perceived to be sweat.

By chapter Two: "CARL! WHERE MY CROISSANT GONE?" Peter did with his voice.

🐦: 🐦

You ARE Wolfy until proven innocent. Feel free to ask me what the hell this means, but be warned there are themes of suicide.

Rave Reviews

Not known them for very long but can conclude a great guy to goof around with and if that ain't great to have in a friendship i don't know what is


bean carrot soup - FlowerCup
well I love how you are able to flesh out characters and create some pretty interesting story lines. I rate you 15 Robo buddies out of ten! - Sachriteze

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