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Hi, welcome to my profile! Don't abandon me ;-;

I'm a weird little seal with a weird little life, plus a huge vocabulary I have no idea how to use.



When I first start writing a book: Peter jolted awake, his face covered in what his pride perceived to be sweat.

By chapter Two: "CARL! WHERE MY CROISSANT GONE?" Peter did with his voice.

🐦: 🐦

Rave Reviews

icyrosyseal has a big imagination that helps to fuel Fantasy Rp's! Always keeping us on the edge of our seats, this Master Role Player know exactly how to keep us hooked! - TardisCatTwo
Icy is extraordinarily creative and charming and all kinds of fun! He is incredibly helpful and knows how to throw you off guard with fast, witty responses; both in and out of character. Patient, keen, honest, and authentic is some lovely words to add to his personal resume for why you should considering hiring him as a friend. A lifetime of fun or your message back! ^-^ I'm not a beech party without my glasses on son! Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - NyxPara

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