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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: January 01

Hi, welcome to my profile! Don't abandon me ;-;

I'm a weird little seal with a weird little life, plus a huge vocabulary I have no idea how to use.

Health update: All files of S.E.A.L. Are working as intended, and thus they may try to contact you. We apologise for any inconvenience.. -icyroboseal


When I first start writing a book: Peter jolted awake, his face covered in what his pride perceived to be sweat.

By chapter Two: "CARL! WHERE MY CROISSANT GONE?" Peter did with his voice.

By the way, I don’t have generic alter eagles because I think it’s cool/I have voices in my head. I have them because if I pretend to be them (mom said it’s my turn on the consciousness) I can control characters I rp as better by using the thought process I have given them. I know that doesn’t make sense, I can’t really put it into words, England isn’t my first language, sorry.

Icyrosyseal: That’s me! For everyday usage (because... it’s my normal thought process.), animal characters, Pokemon trainers and anything that doesn’t fall under one of the others.
Rosyicyseal: Evil characters or the belittling voice in my subconscious.
Icyroboseal: Robots.
Icyrockyseal: Derps.
Yenyin: People of other genders to me (Yes, that’s JUST how limited my thought process is.)
Roboicyseal: FNAF characters, I guess.
Rockyicyseal: possessed derps.
Yinyen: Yanderes? I guess? I don’t have Yandere characters but She’s here now.
Steve: Ghosts, pirates.
Ickyrosyseal: Dripping goopy Bois.
Icyriverseal: Aquatic characters.
Rosyickyseal: Glitches.
Rivericyseal: I L ‘ L D R A G Y O U D O W N U N T I L T H E W A T E R F I L L I N G Y O U R L U N G S I S A R E L I E F (You might wanna slow down there, buddy.)
ROSYROSYROSYROSY: Evil characters without motivation or reasoning.
January: Beasts with little to no thoughts other than survive.
Mabuino: mysterious beings from other realms.
🐦: 🐦

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  • Not known them for very long but can conclude a great guy to goof around with and if that ain't great to have in a friendship i don't know what is


    bean carrot soup
    -- FlowerCup
  • well I love how you are able to flesh out characters and create some pretty interesting story lines. I rate you 15 Robo buddies out of ten!
    -- Sachriteze

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