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(I don't own any of the pictures posted on any of my profiles, and I'll take them down if it's requested by the owner of the pictures).

Update: 4/13
I'm back to work, more or less, so replies might be slower. Stay awesome~

Um, About Me?
*Well, you can call me Leah.
*I've been rping for a few years now. (So specific. I've been rping since I was about 16.)
*I have a B.S. in Biology, but that being said, I do enjoy writing quite a bit.
*I'm almost always looking for a new rp to shake things up, so if any of my characters interest you, message me. :)
*My time zone is EST.
*I tend not to accept friend requests/ keep people on my friends list unless we talk or rp, and since I rarely chat on this site, if we're not rping, then I probably won't accept the friend request. Just a heads up.

Writing Style
~My preference is third person (he, she, Character's name). If you don't use third person, I may let the rp drop because of the clash between first person and third. It just doesn't flow in my opinion.
~Past tense is also preferred for the same reason as above.
~If you want to rp with me, you should have pretty good grammar. No, your grammar doesn't have to be perfect, but minimal mistakes would be awesome. I have found that roleplaying with a partner that isn't super good with grammar frustrates me because I have to try and decode what my partner is trying to say in every single post.
~ No one lining. Pretty please no one lining. It is the fastest way to kill a rp. If you can't think of something more than a single line, then ask me to add more to my post or throw in a plot twist. Your ideas are welcome and are needed to keep a rp alive. Consistent three liners can also kill a rp for me. It just doesn't give a lot to go off of, and I'll run out of ideas to keep it going. That being said, my favorite post length is a paragraph of four to five lines. You will get about the same from me each time if you do that. It's not fun to always be the only putting forth effort.
~ I tend to fade to black with adult stuff. It depends on my mood, but I'm definitely always more plot centered than anything else.

With all of that said, I'd like to say that I promise that I'm nice! XD

Anyways, thanks for reading my profile! More is likely to come! (Most likely revisions. :3 )

Rave Reviews

Though our RP is young, I can tell you that this girl is an amazing RP'er! Her replies are lengthy, and that's always a good thing! It keeps the RP from slowly withering to dust, and her character, Jason, is quite well created! Oneday when our RP ends (which hopefully won't be for a long while) I know I'll return, wanting to RP again. :3 - Rhythm
260 is one of the best Rp'ers I have ever had the pleasure to write with. Her responses are enthralling and detailed, leaving you with plenty to work with. Her Rp's keep you on your toes, and her character are all too real. If you get the chance, Rp with this awesome woman, and you won't regret it! - xKeatonx

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