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I wish I had mutton chops.

Here is a thread with my arts on it! It tends not to be active but take a gander anyway!

Iltheyn's Doodles

MY RP do's and don'ts:


Sci fi
Multi-para posts (though I am flexible!)
Combat (Flexible, but I prefer free-form)


Romance (Especially 18+ kind of things)

I'm in a long-term relationship with someone I met roleplaying. If I did romance rps with any random person I might end up in a bit of trouble! Sorry folks.

Rave Reviews

Iltheyn was one of the first people I RP’ed with on this site, and I’m so glad I did! His writing is engaging, fun, and will keep you on your toes with this interesting characters and stories. He also has a talent for making memorable NPC’s as well; a good testament to his writing and character development! And to back up his characters and stories, he’s a fabulous artist to boot! Seeing drawings of our characters interacting or the maps he provides is very inspiring! A definite recommendation! - Beetlebelle
Ilthy is one of the most clever, creative people I have ever met.
Also he is very cute and wonderful

My love!!!

*tackles and swoons all over* - Lyssa

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