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I wish I had mutton chops.

Here is a thread with my arts on it! It tends not to be active but take a gander anyway!

Iltheyn's Doodles

MY RP do's and don'ts:


Sci fi
Multi-para posts (though I am flexible!)
Combat (Flexible, but I prefer free-form)


Romance (Especially 18+ kind of things)

I'm in a long-term relationship with someone I met roleplaying. If I did romance rps with any random person I might end up in a bit of trouble! Sorry folks.

Rave Reviews

A great artist with a roster of really unique characters. His writing style is rich without being excessively flowery, and I feel like there's a lot of depth to the worlds and settings he proposes. - Heimdall
A highly recommended writer, I could easily label him as the master of written word. He knows how to bring life to the RPs with his unique characters and even his NPCs can turn into the very heart and soul of the story with ease. His characters are very well thought out, with quirky expressions and well applied speech remarks, in line with the character's traits and backgrounds, adapted to each story setting. If you have a chance to RP with Iltheyn you are in for a treat! Looking forward to more - Tusitala2017

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