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-Almost all of my RPs are on discord -
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Hey! Call me Kat!

Hi, My name is Kat and I love RP. I had been unable to RP for some time now but I'm getting back into it as I find myself with more time on my hands. Overall, I have been RPing for a little more than 9 years.

My RP history

I made my first solid character, Shiro Hellburg, almost 9 years ago, making changes to her the more I did RP. Most of my characters are from lore I made including them all.

These characters are often divided into two groups: 1st Lot and 2nd Lot characters. This is because the 2nd Lot characters are in the second half of my little story.

Can you believe I first started RP in ROBLOX when I was... Like... Tiny? XD
It was a shame but the RP community slowly died on ROBLOX as we all grew older... But here I am doing post-style RP's 5-6 years later!

I started to RP here for a good while before I made the decision to move as many RPs as I can onto discord, opting to use RPR as a place mainly to find new RPs instead, since I won't go on RPR when I'm on my phone.

I don't have any characters on RPR (Except for currently used characters, but even then I've made them anonymous) because I have so many of them, but of course, I do have my favourites. I usually adapt them to the world setting, but I also like making characters off the bat too.

Preferred themes / genres:

Supernatural (Anything supernatural, PLEASE)
Alternate history

Not fond of:
Erotica (Dude, some smut is okay but where's the PLOT)
Sci-fi (I like futuristic themes but not quite enough for Sci-fi)
Strictly Political (Politics student here... Don't do this to me *Wheeze*)
Furries (Humans with a few animal traits I'm alright with)
Strong & descriptive Abuse/Trauma/Addiction themes


I will only RP if you are 16+. If I find you lying about your age I will block and report you <3

If you've read my profile, ask me what A.F.E.N means ;)

immalikeawsome's Characters

immalikeawsome either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

I am 99.9% sure you are PPistolporco if not well whoops. If so then you're such an amazing roleplayer and the mystery behind next replies is always thrilling to read and sometimes even gets me anxious lol. Anyway I suggest other people to rp with you if they stumble across you - FrootLoops
Kat is such an amazing roleplayer, all of her characters are very well thought out, and they are all unique and fun to RP with.
Kat is a great person both OOC and IC, and her creativity just blows my mind.
I recommend her so SO so much, you will not have a boring RP with Kat!
<3 <3 <3 <3
~ RyLee - xblackxhoodx

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