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(they/them - non-binary - sapphic - femme)

I am a freelance proofreader, copywriter and copy-editor; my income-earning revolves around words. I am also a specialist note-taker.

unknown-artist99.png I have been role-playing in one form or another - inclusive of hiatuses and breaks - for 15 years and counting. I am working on my own setting on and off, although I have this awful thing of planning things out in exceptional detail in my head but never writing anything down.

Not regarding work, I am a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator (home-based, not for a sanctuary) and I help to run a local queer mutual aid group. I enjoy gaming (currently rotating between Fallout 4, Fallout 76, No Man's Sky and The Witcher 3), reading books (and buying them) and participating in vulture culture (also known as hobbyist taxidermy). I am something of a coffee fiend. I plan on re-training in biology to go in a medical direction.

I am a queer non-binary person, married to someone who encourages all of my strange little quirks and hobbies.

Some characters I role-play through RP Repository only, some are NPCs, some are played through Furcadia only and some are open to role-play across multiple platforms.

I will role-play with anyone over the age of 21 OOC, and with characters over the age of 21 IC. I am completely fine, in role-play, with darker themes and settings. Romance is fine, but anything sexually intimate up to and including the act itself regardless of the gender/sex of the characters involved will be fade to black only - this is non-negotiable.

I apologise in advance if I come off as reserved or only really talking about our role-play and the planning thereof. I take a long time to warm up to people. That said, there are topics that I can enthusiastically nerd out about like hobbyist taxidermy, world-building, diseases and history.


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