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  • Gender: None of your beeswax!
  • Age: 21

Availability: Sorry guys. *poofs*
I'm in a funk. My apologies to anyone I've disappeared on, its not you, I'm just kinda isolating myself right now, not doing well actually. And for Discord friends, I don't really use it anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Heres My Profile Anyway -> *Clickit*

Please Read!
I do NOT accept random friend requests.
Unless we've previously conversed, please don't try to add me, it makes me uncomfortable...

But don't be afraid to approach me, I'm friendly, I just very rarely pursue interactions with people I don't know and I kinda tend to keep to myself.

~Friends Come and Go like the Waves of the Ocean, but the True Ones Stick like Octopus to Your Face~

Hey... I'm Glad You're Alive.

Have a Companion Cube~

Heyo... I'm quiet and awkwardly goofy.
You're welcome to call me by my full user name, or "io".
I'm a relaxed, casual player who's into most rp genres.
Although not interested in romance...
So if that's your thing, sorry, I'm usually not into it.

I'm pretty calm and chill most of the time, so don't worry about offending me if you swear or anything.
Also... I'm quite obsessed with music, and have a habit of changing my profile around when I'm bored.

~I tend to use "pet" names, or terms of endearment when interacting with people. But I'm not hitting on anyone, don't worry, I mean nothing by it, it's just the way I am.~

I do prefer not to divulge my gender publicly, so pronouns don't matter to me, call me whatever.

About My Characters and Playstyle.

Most all of my characters are adaptable, and I can often come up with a new one specifically for an rp (although I have limited character slots, so if they're full they won't have their own page). I am kinda always editing and changing my characters, but they're usually always playable.

I typically prefer to have known someone for a bit and talked with them before diving into role-playing.

I also usually only play with anonymous characters if I have already met and am somewhat familiar with the creator. I have a few anonymous characters myself, but I very rarely use them.

While I'm pretty casual and chill, I prefer multi-paragraph style rps, my usual is between 4 and 8 paragraphs.

No One Liners PLEASE!!

I'm cool with most rp styles except very stiff, constricted writing... I enjoy world building and plot planning but I'm totally fine with just "winging it" as well. Usually very freeform, I like to just kinda go with the flow, using the typical rp rules.

Don't feel rushed when rp-ing with me and take your time and enjoy, but please let me know if it will take longer than a couple weeks.

I try to keep friends posted about my activity/availability at the top of my profile.

Rp is for fun, so please communicate openly with me during the rp.

Also... I will be honest with you if an rp is dying or I can't continue for some reason.

I am almost always down for either a private one-on-one rp or a group rp (depending on the size though and I'm not a fan of open public forums).

Some Writing.

Low Action Fantasy
Fayne, the beautiful elven enchantress was in the middle of a new spell, a rather peculiar one at that. The lovely lady sidestepped her "witches caldron" and reached up into the nearest cabinet for more ingredients, her white, soft bare feet treading silently on her carpet of lush green moss. Fayne
nature, and involved it in almost every part of her home, making her magical house even more fascinatingly gorgeous.

Her tower room in particular, the place she was currently working, was full of plant life, ivy crawled the walls, flowers in baskets along with drying herbs, hung from the ceiling. All of this was amidst a wonderful assortment of decorations, both useful and delightful to look at. Bookshelves full of books and scrolls, cabinets and desks liberally covered with papers and potions and other knicknacks and oddities used for magic. The whole mansion, which is what the house was, was certainly magical, not just because it had doors that teleported you across the country, or talking glass mirrors that showed and told you what you wanted. But because it was simply full of living, breathing magic.

The whole place was hidden deep within the trees of an enchanted forest, full of strange beings, including but not limited to... pixies, nymphs, talking fawns and dragons, all guarded by a jealous Vila, just the place for an enchantress to live.

Fayne hummed a tune, weaving her spell together very carefully, so absorbed in her work, a dragon could come stomping and roaring into her garden and she wouldn't have noticed.

High Action Post-apocalyptic/Si-fi
If a mute cyborg could scream, this one did as the attacker's "hand" grabbed her right arm painfully, it wasn't so much the pain as the shock and fear that caused D14 to voice herself. The sound that erupted from her throat was one of intense unearthly terror. Her right arm was only half mechanical, which caused significant discomfort to her body as she yanked to a stop in her fall, dangling over the side.

The girl's chest heaved, her face an expression of fright and dread as she panicked, now the thought of death suffocating her almost as much as being captured, her scream dying on her lips as she grabbed at the train. Her incredibly well made left fully mechanical hand easily grasping the metal, denting it in. She had been a guinea pig essentially, all the newest technology was used first on her and other "defective" or "damaged" test subjects, luckily for her, she was apparently compatible with most everything they tried, meaning that she was one of their best creations.

That distress and panic that roared through the young woman's senses began to turn to anger and rage, anger at her attacker, rage at her fear of death, and completely incensed at the hand dealt to her in life. She hated that she'd hoped, for once, to live a life of peace, but now that hope was being ripped away, and she might as well give up and fall back into the violence that had been and was her existence. That dull, animal-like mindset, lack of emotions, lack of much coherent thought... Just raw instinct and intelligence, driving her to do what she needed.

Horror and panic replaced by fury and split second decisions made as she began to swing herself back and forth by her arms, to gain momentum. And with a final swing she pulled herself up, into the top of the dangerously moving vehicle, face to face with the masked man who still had a grip on her wrist. And with a rough noise close to that of a snarl, D14 launched herself at her attacker as soon as her feet touched the top of the train.
Her left shining arm and hand reaching out and slowly grabbing and crushing the metal that made up the man's "wrist" that clung to her partially mechanical right arm.

She twisted and forced the bending and screeching metal to let go of her before he could react, throwing herself forward at him again as it released. The girl's wild, golden, pain filled eyes with the long scar that crossed her face, stared into the assassin's own as she grasped for his throat with her fearfully strong hands. Bringing him to the ground, pinning his arms and body to the top of the vehicle with her legs and lower body. The wind howled around them as D14 fought to strangle her attacker before anyone else arrived to help him. Knowing very well that nobody would come to her aid soon enough... She was in the middle of nowhere, only fields flashing by, on a fast moving vehicle, surrounded by enemies, and dead allies.

The cyborg's anger was clear in every inch of her small and frightened body, trembling with tense nerves, her teeth gritted tightly. Still peircing the man's eyes, with her own, the eyes of an angry pained and wild animal, also at the same time... Eyes of a young, scared and desperate girl.

About Me.

Sometimes I'm busy and can't respond to messages for anywhere between a couple hours and a day (unless I have you added on discord, I'm more active there). I sometimes just randomly disappear for a few days. Although I try to give warning, don't be offended or upset if I am absent for some time, I swear you and your rp is awesome.
I just have a crazy unpredictable life.
I am also extremely forgetful and have a terrible memory, so please bear with me on that.

I work 5-6 days a week, and I never know my schedule till I get it. I'm on PDT, (Pacific Daylight Time) but I'm up most hours because I don't sleeeepppp...


I don't do anything sexual. Role-play or otherwise, nor do I like the general topic, so I don't appreciate conversations about it.

I also have little to no patience or tolerance for BS like petty drama, bullying, and inconsideration for others. And yes, if you annoy me, I'll call you out. I may be nice, but I'm not a Flying Dutchman cabin door mat.

A Bit More About Myself.


Yes, I am actually 21

My Chinese Zodiac is The Tiger.
My Western Zodiac is Taurus.

Favorite Colors: Purple, Grey, Blue and Black

Favorite Video Game Series: Kingdom Hearts

Favorite Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas (I also love Disney movies *cough*)

Favorite Sports Car: Nissan 350Z

Favorite Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Writing and Playing Video Games.

Favorite Physical Activities: Swimming, Dancing, Working Out and Skateboarding.

Favorite Tattoo: Tiger

Favorite Dessert: Dark Chocolate... Like my soul xD

Favorite Outfit: Grey or black jeans, t-shirts and hoodies, grey sneakers.

Favorite Music Genre: Rock

And I know you may mean well. But I'm ok even when I'm not. And no, I don't want to talk about it. Thank you though dears~

°Most of the pictures I use for my characters are not mine, and all the rights go to whoever drew them (lucky talented ppls...), except Kyr's and D14's, their art is mine.
I do commissions!

My user name written in Demilicious's world's language: C'ërod
By Demilicious <3

Rave Reviews

  • Io is one of friendliest person I've met so far in RPR. she's wondrous buddy a bit of goof ball, I've to rp with her yet but I hope in new year I will do it, anyway check her out and last but not least MERRY CHRISTMAS IO <3
    -- RimCaster
  • Io is one of the sweetest people I have met here and you're going to just love that about her. We haven't yet started an rp together but she is well written in all of our conversations, thoughtful, and caring and I wouldn't trade my friendship with her for all the tea in China.
    -- Voldarian_Empire

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