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Availability: Not been rp-ing and am not very active here, but my curiosity brought me back to look at the new rpr.
Hullo again.

Have a Companion Cube~

A Bit About Myself.


Yes, I am actually 21
My favorite colors are purple and black, my favorite animal (the tiger) is tattooed on my leg, I really like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Kingdom Hearts.
I'm pretty chill, occasionally sarcastic and a tad bit of a troll, but I'm not purposely unkind and don't mean to be. I do sometimes refer to people in affectionate manners, I'm not flirting, however.
I also prefer to keep my real gender to myself, and don't identify as any online, so I don't care what you choose to refer to me as, and any gender/preference is fine, whatever makes you comfortable.
I love drawing and do custom commissions sometimes.
I don't currently role-play much at all, but feel free to message me if you're interested in a character or plot and I'll get back to you.

I'm Glad You're Alive.



I don't do anything sexual. Role-play or otherwise, nor do I like the general topic, so I don't appreciate conversations about it. I do not do romance rps.

I also have little to no patience or tolerance for BS like petty drama, bullying, and inconsideration for others. And yes, if you annoy me, I'll call you out. I may be nice, but I'm not a door mat.

Rave Reviews

Io is one of friendliest person I've met so far in RPR. she's wondrous buddy a bit of goof ball, I've to rp with her yet but I hope in new year I will do it, anyway check her out and last but not least MERRY CHRISTMAS IO <3 - RimCaster
WHY have I not done a 1x1 with you yet?! Io is incredibly friendly, and I could honestly find ourselves talking forever if time allowed us to. From what I've seen, she has experience in RPing, and her characters are so interesting (with Xenith being one of my favorites, I'll take him, thank you). You just want to learn more about them. I always love the mystery factor.

Can't wait to talk more in the future, and you most definitely have my recommendation to everyone else in the community! - koobler

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