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back at it again

i am not a clown
i am the entire circus


about me
  • my name is izzy
  • i'm 15
  • i'm a girl (duh)
  • i'm as pale as a vampire because i don't go outside
  • my natural hair color is brown but i bleached it because i wanted to fit in
  • my eyes are vomit green
  • i'm 5'3 and 100lbs or so, so i'm baby
  • boy howdy am i bad at talking to people
extra info
  • i'm asexual/aromantic because uhh trauma
  • i think i'm like half-christian but i don't try to dwell on it
  • psychology/epidemiology is my passion
  • i like egg noodles and white rice
  • the only cheese i'll eat is provolone
  • the only fish i've eaten in over a decade is shrimp
  • i can't do basic math
  • i like pastel colors
  • my favorite music genre(s) are alternative, pop, and electropop
  • i'm a horror fanatic
  • mental health?? we don't know her
  • i have a morbid fascination with gore
  • my worst fear is abandonment cause uhh more trauma
my interests

tv/youtube shows - yandere high, gravity falls, red band society
anime/manga - mirai nikki (future diary), sword art online (sao), free!, killing stalking, you're my loveprize in viewfinder (finder), diabolik lovers, hetalia, raising a bat, blood bank, and boku no hero academia (bnha)
movies - chicago, contagion, outbreak, aladdin, anastasia, split, the princess bride, lights out (2016), Annie (2014), the duff, and mean girls
games - fallout games, skyrim, the outlast trilogy (1, dlc, 2), bendy and the ink machine, welcome to the game, gone home, that dragon: cancer, and yandere simulator
books - pjo series, hoo series, harry potter series, wolves of mercy falls series, asylum novellas, and the point last seen series
characters - miles upshur (outlast 1), eddie gluskin (outlast dlc), richard "rick" trager (outlast 1), akise aru (mirai nikki), juuzou suzuya (tokyo ghoul), jordan lipcott (asylum novellas), yandere-kun (yandere simulator), jim macken/alois trancy (black butler), kirito (sao), nico di angelo (pjo/hoo), scorpius malfoy (hp), regulus black (hp), levi ackerman (aot), jordi palacios (rbs), emma chota (rbs), leo roth (rbs), and bill cipher (gravity falls)
youtubers - pewdiepie, crankgameplays, skydoeseverything, markiplier, gametheory, shane dawsn, mr. nightmare, radio tts, mittensquad, sovietwomble, and theepicnate315
artists/bands - get scared, the ready set, melanie martinez, halsey, the neighborhood, marina, maria mena, billie eilish, twenty one pilots, ariana grande, britney spears, lady gaga, we are leo, meghan trainor, sabrina carpenter, cole porter, kim petras, betty hutton, abby glover, chloe moriondo, cavetown, and conan gray
rp info
  • i'm really shy w/ new people, so, if i'm a bit nervous rping at first, you know why
  • i can rp in any time period starting from the 1400s and leading up to the present
  • romance and psychological horror are my two primary genres
  • i am very passionate about my characters and, if i delete any, it's because i've lost said passion for one
  • swear all you want, i don't mind
  • i'm not triggered easily either, so i don't mind depressing topics, either
  • i can adapt the ages of my characters, depending on the ages listed on their profiles
  • i'm pretty flaky with rps, so, if i drop an rp of ours in favor of a new idea, my bad
  • just don't be a control freak and we won't have a problem
  • if i stop responding to an rp, i probably got bored with it
contact info


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Rave Reviews

Hey, Iz. That message on your profile seriously made me cry my eyes out. I know it shouldn't, but I've been way too emotional lately. XD I love you, so so much! Ever since i've met you, you've just been a ball of energy and helpfulness!!!! Without you when nobody else is, I wouldn't have gotten a job. I would've been still locked in my room. Without you, I wouldn't have woken up every morning!! You've helped me come so far, and I adore you! Please keep strong for me, and can't wait to see you!! - _ashir-penny_
Izzy is beyond words, really. She has excellent roleplaying skills, is energetic, humorous (I can't even believe how many times she's made me laugh), and is all around a genuine and real person. She can read me so easily, which I love/hate, and knows me better than I know myself. She's also very understanding, and it's another one of her traits I keep coming back to. If you get the chance to talk or roleplay with her, don't miss it, because I'm sure everyone needs a bit of Izzy in their life. - pluto

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