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Ames Kosmos is:
- A Giant Space Wasp.
- Bio-luminescent.
- An Intergalactic Terror.
- Will Work For Sugar.

Roleplay Basics:
- Most of my characters can be found on Furcadia.
- If you come across one of my brainchildren in an adults-only area, kindly do not approach if underage.
- I am whisper and PM friendly. If you've any questions concerning my characters, don't hesitate to ask.
- Please, do not conflate IC with OOC.

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Rave Reviews

I don't think I've ever had such an amusing, lighthearted roleplay in FurN before in all 10+ years I've been on Furc. Great roleplayer with a fantastic sense for narrative! - Auberon
First off, anyone with a bug icon HAS to be cool. More importantly, the ability to lend a new direction to a stagnant character or story is a treasure and a half. That's why I'm gonna put the wasp in a lil box and keep it like a lucky cricket >_> - ferabird

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