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Not accepting friend requests from people I have never had a conversation with. Id love to chat, though. Shoot me a pm!


RP STATUS: Seeking new partners as well as new rps!

infj | 4w3 | Libra Sun, Cancer Moon, Sagittarius Rising |

College student currently on Christmas break. Replies are frequent.

Thursday-Saturday nights will be when I am most unresponsive since that is when I work!

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My name is of no real importance but I have chosen to go by the online persona of Jess. Why Jess? I have always been obsessed with New Girl and feel as though I can relate to Jess on a real personal level. In fact, I joined the bang gang about a year ago inspired by Zooey Deschannel (the queen) herself.

I'm was born and raised in Texas! Howdy ;) The main aspect of this is that I am on Central Time!

I've been roleplaying for about 8 years now! So I am no stranger to how all of this works.

MOVIE JUNKIE!!! Yes, I consider myself to have excellent taste in movies. Listing a favorite is pretty much impossible but here are a few that I love:
American Beauty, Pulp Fiction, Blow, Boyhood, Coco (And seriously there are so much more that I love so if you ever want to discuss movies I am totally down)

And of course I can't leave out some of my favorite TV Shows:
Dexter, GOT, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things ex. ex. ex

Some of my favorite hobbies are writing (wow who would of thought), hiking, painting, reading (wow, again, who would of thought), playing chess, and sewing

Also, I am a junior in college as a Social Work Major

Interested in starting a roleplay?

Yay! You want to rp with me? That is very exciting.

1. I mainly do 1x1 rps but if a group rp really catches my eye, I am not opposed to it!

2. I rp in third person always and will respond in a full paragraph or more. Please no text speak or one liners. If I am putting effort in, I expect you to match me. OOC = Text speak is fine ( We are only human , of course )

3. Most of my rps contain mature elements! If you are under the age and want to rp we can discuss it, however, it is a bit unlikely.

4. Communication is key!

Rave Reviews

itsjess and I had a rough start, but when she came back we created an amazing rp together. It's one of those rps that you wake up and hope there is a post so you can respond. I look forward to the energy and ideas she brings to the table. Thank you for being an outstanding partner. Drives the plot forward Long posts - DukeKagan
I want to return the wonderful kudos this person gave to me! She is super nice, understanding, and overall a great partner. Our story has already developed so much, so far, and I can't wait to see where it goes! I look forward to their responses every day and check my messages all the time just in case. I look forward to our future role plays together and I hope this one continues for a while. :) <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - JacksonHallow87

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