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🐾 Vegan 🐾 Neurodivergent 🐾 Queer 🐾 A cow 🐾 Mastodon

This is my neocities website and here's my art/blog website.

Iiiii'm obsessed with animals. So much so I'm helping run a whole feral animal RP community called Primordia! Come check it out and join the fun :D

I mainly RP on a free, non capitalistic, awesome MMO called Furcadia, where players make all the worlds, like we did with Primordia.

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Rave Reviews

James is an amazing artist, dreamweaver, friend and human being. His dream, the Cosmos, was the first place I tried human RP, and I haven't looked back! He is unbelievably creative, and the universe he created has endless possibilities for a roleplayer. He has also always been so helpful and encouraging to me and other new roleplayers in the Cosmos, which I cannot thank him enough for. He really has created something amazing on Furcadia. Thank you, James. - bitteryeen
James is absolutely amazing in so many ways. His creativity is off the charts, with artistry shining brightly through every paragraph and painting””in all he devises, he sews life. You'll be hard pressed to find a better friend; he doles out wisdom and emotional intelligence, and radiates kindness in all he says. - Catastrophie

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