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  • Gender: Male

Hey peeps, this is James from Furcadia.

I run a fun custom social / RP group on the game Furcadia called The Cosmos. We use RPR to share information about our RP and keep our members connected outside of the game. Hit me up if you would like help getting your character adapted to the continuity. Also I'm always happy to socialize and get to know you in The Cosmos if I'm at my computer!

I have a lot of hidden characters for RP, also. However, I'm pretty busy so I don't always have time to RP, but I know a lot of people! So if you're looking for roleplay and I can't join in at the time, I'd love to help you get connected to other roleplayers! Hope to meet you in game!

Don't know what Furcadia is? It's a social MMO where people can upload their own custom world and host their own RP communities for free! Check it out here.

You can find me in The Cosmos once you've signed up for Furcadia by clicking this link: furc://thecosmos

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