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sup peoples XD about me

i am a comic book artist as well as one who love character development in a story . i down for any genre and have a verity of characters i can use that i dont list on this site because thier are too little slots and i will just tell people in personal messages who my characters are in a nut shell.

i generally use rp as a way to test my characters or make alternate versions of the cannon ones i have for book im working on it helps me think outside the box and find new perspectives especially when i get writers or artist block so feedback is very much welcomed and appreciated . i hope to find a long term partner and maybe even some friends outside the rp as im also down to just chat about stuff not involving the rp

i can go for most any writing formats the most common format im used to is the script format ( the formats of movie scripts) as in your character says something and my character responds or visa versa and my sentences vary in length depending on the rp responses im given.

i do have somethings that i wouldn't consider rules as i am very adjustable but if these thing are not considered it just makes it hard for me to rp

suggested limits

1. please dont use an over powered character they are no fun to develop

2. the same rule in 1 applies to marry sues like characters ( characters who are perfect and can do no wrong ) if you use them i will make difficult situations for them on purpose

3. i apologize but my spelling and grammar is not the best i will make sure that i do best i can to make my sentences read able so i ask for your patients.

4. if your bored with an rp or plot i came up with me please tell me so i can switch it up or change the direction i want you to have fun too

5. i like character development to a lot of my plots are of course character driven if you have something else in mind let me know please im open to new ideas and perspectives.

can wait to see what treasures i find on this site XD

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I've been roleplaying with Jason for a while now, and I have to say that their story ideas are amazing! Their characters and environment (worldscape)--they just leave me utterly speechless. Even my character is getting speechless. Hehe. I always look forward to their replies as they always fill me with excitement. I also have to say that they are super nice OOC. Very understanding, kind, considerate, and super creative! An awesome person to RP with, talk to, and befriend! <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - HibariHaru013
Known him for about 4 posts. Nice guy and great planning between us. I recommend highly on any builds. Very cool drawings ^^ Keep up the good work Great sense of humor Long-term partner - Aaricia

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