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Hello! I'm kaTheGoose, but just call me K a. I started roleplaying on Amino, learning the basics in the blink of an eye and soon even making my own, semi-complex roleplays.

I am best at roleplaying various dinosaurs, and I love drawing them! I doodle almost daily, from cartoony critters to a little more Disney/Don Bluth styled, to realistic artwork and more!

I'm completely willing to draw a RP partner's animal OC, or even making fake movie screenshots of a memorable scene we wrote.

RP Example
(Just to get a brief idea how I roleplay!)

He shuddered at the sudden sound, turning his head and then his body. Seeing just the small creature behind him, realizing that there's no danger, (C/N) looked quickly around to make sure and lowered his body on the ground. The smell of moist grass and rain water swirled under his snout and relaxed his sensitive nerves from the unnecessary alarm. He closed his eyes and inhaled slowly. "Please don't do that again, you almost gave me a heart attack." He trilled and smiled to the creature.

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