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hi, my name is izzie! i’m 14 and go by she/they pronouns! i’m currently roleplaying as a way to develop my characters and experiment with different plots! remember to stay safe and wash your hands!

i do NOT do nsfw roleplay. don’t ask. i’m a minor.

current OC project: Emblems of Revolution
genre: Magical Girl, Fantasy
plot: Traumatised by her kidnapping, yet hopeful for an escape, Aimee Walker discovers she was never destined to be ‘normal’. With the help of Princess Sadashi and Prince Simon of the kingdom of Heishi, she escapes the wrath of her ex-boyfriend, Arata, and awakens as Rose Revolution, the Emblem of Hope. Now Aimee must find the other awakened Revolution Soldiers and succeed in destroying the Demon Empire, and restoring Heishi and Efialtis, the kingdoms of good and evil. But when she discovers that Arata is the enemy’s leader, just how easy will that be? Will he turn her into the very thing she’s fighting against?

instagram, youtube and tiktok: kaechidi
archiveofourown: rainingbluegold

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