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Hi! I am a 26 years old and have been rping for a few years now so quite experienced
I do love romance, dark fantasy, fantasy, horror and more in rps, I am mostly fine with most things in rp.
I am mostly active but sometimes I shall take breaks for obviously real life situations so sometimes might take me a while but not long at all to respond back :) I am very easy going and any sort of ideas for a rp I am all ears :)

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Kawaii is just a pleasure to be around. Nice, funny, welcoming, she just makes you feel like your always welcome and warm around her. Her characters are amazing and so are their picture, which I'm jealous of because I can't draw. But still, I love this girl and she's a blast to be around. - Clayfire12
Their characters are rather interesting and heavily detailed. I became engrossed by the characters and I couldn't help but to continue reading them. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

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  • kawaiicupcake gave Yamadeus kudos:
    An amazing friend who I always feel super comfortable with to share these amazing stories with <3 couldn't ask for a better rp partner, their art and story telling is truly amazing <3 grateful to have them in my life <3
    (About 3 weeks 13 hours ago)