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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 26

I'm Kay, late twenties, and I've been role playing for about, eh, 12 years now? I like OCs a lot, and am always down to chat! I also draw my own stuff, so please feel free to give me art tips (help lol)!

P.S., I like to usually have an element of nsfwiness about my rps, so please only interact with me in that way if you're 18 or above.

Rave Reviews

  • Kay here is a real sweet person who really likes to jump into the nitty gritty and is great at descriping the little details. Her character stays well in character, too. I give em the ole thumbs up!
    -- natjust

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  • kayzorch gave natjust kudos!
    "Nat is a wonderful roleplayer and a very sweet person. Her characters have an unmistakable charm and appeal in their streetsmarts and punchy dialog, and her writing style is unique and hilarious. Besides her considerable writing skills, Nat is also a great artist whose visual style prefectly reflects the lighthearted but complex nature of her work. 25/10 ♡"
    (About 5 days and 5 hours ago)