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Hey, I'm Khaellar. I have a real soft spot for dark fantasy. I absolutely love the nitty gritty, dirty aspect of the fantasy world. Been roleplaying for about seven, eight, maybe nine years now? My roleplaying experience dates back to public school where my best friend and I would take turns writing in a notebook.
Roleplay Status:
Open for ideas.

Honestly it's very sporadic and varies based on my muse. Post can range from within a day to a couple of weeks. Please don't hesitate to PM me if you think you've been waiting too long.

I am PM friendly! But I probably won't accept friend requests unless we have an active RP going or I have spoken you to OOC before.

GHOSTING: Honestly, ghosting used to really annoy me, but I've been on here for a couple of years now and it just doesn't fuss me anymore. If things fall off, so be it. God knows I've done my share of ghosting by now.
My Roleplaying
-I only roleplay with people and characters over the age of 18.
-I enjoy proper grammar and punctuation.
-I prefer third person, paragraph format with at least 4-5 sentences.
-I don't fade to black in sexual roleplays.
-I enjoy violence and gore in my roleplays where applicable.
-In pretty much all cases I prefer fantasy roleplays, whether modern or medeival.
-Dark fantasy
-Mature Themes
-Long term
-1 on 1
-Short term
-No consent
-Sex driven RP
-Side plot romance
-Fade to black
-Group RP
-Slice of life
-God modding
-OOC drama
-Permanent mutilation
-Non-fantastical RP, no supernatural elements
-RP with the sole plot of romance

Rave Reviews

When I first started RPing with her, I thought she was extremely talented and made the RP very enjoyable and exciting.

A month later, I discovered she was actually phenomenally talented, wildly creative, and an absolute joy to engage both within the RP and the friendly banter without.

11/10 Will always RP with - Freyera
Avery Everys (played by khaellar)
Avery is a bag of spunk your character will either love or hate. Everything she does has purpose and meaning – especially if it fulfills her own needs. She doesn’t wear her life on her sleeve, you really have to dig at her to even scratch the surface of how deep of a character she is. There is one thing for sure though, she is full of trouble and sure to spark a story full of drama that is pure delight. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

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