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Demigirl | INFP-T | Demipanromantic Asexual

Hello and welcome to my profile! I'm Arrow--but feel free to call me King :D! It's really nice to meet you! If you want to talk to me, just shoot me a pm! :) I'm always happy to make new friends! I'm a demigirl who goes by she/her and they/them pronouns. I identify as a demipanromantic asexual.

Some of my favorite things include: writing, reading (favorite genres: sci-fi and fantasy), drawing, roleplaying, worldbuilding, Dungeons and Dragons, musicals and probably a lot more! I'm currently into making Rainbow Loom bracelets (if anyone remembers those). My favorite animals are dragons and cats but I absolutely love all animals!

I'd like to note that I am under 18 years old. I do not mind playing or interacting with people who are older than 18, but I am not allowed to roleplay anything 18+ nor am I comfortable doing so.


Roleplay Guidelines

Writing Style:
My writing style can vary from how creative and motivated I'm feeling. I can usually write at least 1-3 paragraphs on a post. If I do not respond to your post right away, I'm either busy with school and life or I'm thinking on how to respond so I ask that you please be patient. I promise that I will not ghost on you and instead voice my concerns.

My preference is towards fantasy (particularly medieval) and science fiction, however I don't mind roleplaying any genre and I am very flexible with genres. Usually, as long as there is a main plot driving the roleplay forward, I will enjoy the roleplay. I don't mind romance but I prefer it to be a side plot of the roleplay. I do fandom roleplays for fandoms such as Percy Jackson, Warriors, Wings of Fire, Harry Potter, Star Wars and some others, but I will not roleplay with canon characters. I prefer roleplays that involve a lot of lore and worldbuilding in them, but it is not required.

I do not mind doing 1x1, small group roleplays or big group roleplays. All of them are fine to me. I also love roleplay D&D and other RPGs.

Mature Content:
As stated above, I am under 18 years old and am not allowed to roleplay mature content such as smut, extreme gore, etc. and I am not comfortable in doing so.

Things I Dislike:
I ask of my roleplaying partners to please write a post that contribute to the general plot and can be responded to. I do not like asterisk roleplaying or one-liners. I am flexible with grammar and spelling mistakes as long as I can still understand the post and if this does not occur too often.

Rave Reviews

King is absolutely incredible at writing lore and working together to create that sort of stuff, and is super kind and understanding. I haven't gotten the chance to roleplay with them just yet, but they have super fun, creative and helpful! Definitely a wonderful addition to this site. Helpful Creative ideas - PsychoStorm
I love the way she’s a helpful person on the site and she helps bring a rp to life. I recommend if you like Warrior Cats, I would rp with her and it to be long termed, in return, kudos! - Foxy_TheWarrior

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