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Hey! I'm Thomas, he/him. Very new to this site, but excited to spend time on it!

I'm just going to copy a chunk from my introduction thread, whoops:

"I've been doing online rp for probably 8 years now, but I'd played some Dungeons and Dragons before that, and, of course, lots of what I called "imagination games" with my brothers (which were essentially just LARPing).

I'm a theatre kid- specifically, I'm a techie! I'm between my freshman and sophomore years studying technical theatre.

I'm very trans, very gay, very neurodivergent (I'm basically five or so mental disorders in a trenchcoat), and very excited to be here! I love writing, and I have way too many characters for my own good.

My current biggest interests are probably the Mechanisms (band), the Magnus Archives (podcast), and Smile For Me (video game).
I'm learning to play the ukulele, and I do art, writing (fiction + poetry), and sewing."

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