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🖤 28. cst. he/his. 🏳️‍🌈
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hi, i'm konnie. i've ran around this site for a good eight years now, off and on, and i've been a part of a lot of communities during that time. i make templates, dabble in the mastering of bbcode, and have a slight addiction to character creation.
i enjoy the dark themes or world building, piloting through a vague plot timeline or just letting my characters take the wheel. i can be a bit intense, a lot slow, but i've been told i'm worth it. who knows.

i might come off chilly but it's honestly just terrible social skills and a lot of shyness.

please excuse my lapslock, i'm all about the aesthetic. and bad jokes.

Where I RP :
21+ players only
Hollow Peak


urban fantasy california

find me on discord: @Korynn#3152

twt: @_knifetrick & kpop stan twt: @yooniekwan

want a template?
greyscale RPR

Rave Reviews

This cutie is 1000% beautiful, inside and out <3 He drives my muse onwards like a horse fresh out the gates, and I can't wait to explore more story lines with him :D If you don't plot with Vegas, you're just crazy, because every post is addicting, and brings to life a million new possibilities. But you can't have him, because I plan to take up all his free time. jsyk. - Lizzie
It only takes a sentence to start a story. This is a feeling I resonated with when the moment Vegas replied to my roleplay post. Delightful are their words, but far from hungry. You will not find yourself unfulfilled, for their stories are eloquent with just a touch of mystery to keep you readied for the next spoonful. this dude is one of the few that captivates my attention without starving my need for a true artist - this ones a writer. - 13ee

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