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💜 27. cst. he/his. 🏳️‍🌈
🌸 konnie: a visual guide 🌸

hi, i'm konnie. i've ran around this site for a good eight years now, off and on, and i've been a part of a lot of communities during that time. i make templates, dabble in the mastering of bbcode, and have a slight addiction to character creation.
also, yes, i RP on furcadia. i can't escape.

i enjoy the dark themes or world building, piloting through a vague plot timeline or just letting my characters take the wheel. i can be a bit intense, a lot slow, but i've been told i'm worth it. who knows.

i might come off chilly but it's honestly just terrible social skills and a lot of shyness.

please excuse my lapslock, i'm all about the aesthetic. and bad jokes.
groups you can find me in :

cyberpunk urban fantasy - discord
vampire tattoo artist

spoiled hip-hop princess
Lower Light

modern supernatural anthro - furcadia
shy deer with a gaming addiction
Mobius Strip Galaxy

sci-fi space adventure - furcadia
android with a complex

Billie Jean
a voice on the airwaves
The Golden Tether

adults only steampunk fantasy anthro - furcadia
socially inept exorcist

find me on discord: @Korynn#3152

twt: @_knifetrick & kpop stan twt: @yooniekwan

want a template?

Rave Reviews

Daxson (played by konnie)
Daxson is the sort of character that leaves you on the edge of your seat; one that makes you want to keep reading or re-reading over things that have been with hopes of would could be for the future. He is wonderfully pieced together with a history waiting to be uncovered. A mystery that my little trouble magnet will one day solve. <3 - Tiufel
This cutie is 1000% beautiful, inside and out <3 He drives my muse onwards like a horse fresh out the gates, and I can't wait to explore more story lines with him :D If you don't plot with Vegas, you're just crazy, because every post is addicting, and brings to life a million new possibilities. But you can't have him, because I plan to take up all his free time. jsyk. - Lizzie

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