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🖤 28. cst. he/his. 🏳️‍🌈
🧩 konnie: a visual guide 🖼️
hi, i'm konnie. i've ran around this site for a good nine years now, off and on, and i've been a part of a lot of communities during that time.

i make templates, dabble in the mastering of bbcode, and have a slight addiction to character creation.
i enjoy the dark themes or world building, piloting through a vague plot timeline or just letting my characters take the wheel. i can be a bit intense, a lot slow, but i've been told i'm worth it. who knows.

i might come off chilly but it's honestly just terrible social skills and a lot of shyness.

please excuse my lapslock, i'm all about the aesthetic. and bad jokes.

find me on discord: @Korynn#3152

twt: @_knifetrick
kpop stan twt: @yooniekwan

greyscale RPR
Where I RP :
21+ players only

supernatural cyberpunk (beta)
The Golden Tether

steampunk bdsm island
site | discord
Hollow Peak

urban fantasy california

Rave Reviews

Vegas is insanely patient and a peach. He has been a means of support through my ups and downs. Willingly goes along with my crazy ideas. I don't know what I would do without him. He is a wonder to write with and his characters are insanely well written. Write with him if you get the chance you won't regret it! - Tiufel
No, I will not stop giving luis kudos. Always a neutral, never stirs any pots. Just a chill player, here to have fun with fiction. Konnie's friendship is something rare in that it is loyal, he is not high maintenance and we spark like crazy when it comes to writing. Konnie's never left me in the dust, no matter what people say. He's always honest, and down to lift you up when you need it. Beyond his stellar, dimensional characters...he's a good man I'm proud to call my friend. Love ya. - Mina

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