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🖤 30. cst. adhdtistic. he/his. 🏳️‍🌈8wccR7x.gif
mon-fri: 9am-noon / 11pm-3am
weekends: varies
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hi, i'm konnie. i've ran around this site for a good decade now, off and on, and i've been a part of a lot of communities during that time.

i make templates, dabble in the mastering of bbcode, and have a slight addiction to character creation.

i enjoy dark themes, world building, piloting through a vague plot timeline, or just letting my characters take the wheel. i can be a bit intense, a lot slow, but i've been told i'm worth it. who knows.

i might come off chilly but it's honestly just terrible social skills and a lot of shyness.

please excuse my lapslock, i'm all about the aesthetic. and bad jokes.


find me on discord: @Korynn#3152

twt: @_knifetrick
kpop stan twt: @yooniekwan

greyscale RPR
Where I RP :
21+ players only, furcadia

gothic new york
The Golden Tether

steampunk bdsm island
site | discord
TW : regarding TGT's themes
I've recently come across a few profiles with strong opinions towards the bdsm/slave trade aspect of the community, and I would like to clarify a few things.

TGT, which was created over 15 years ago, is inspired by Gorean culture, a fantasy sci-fi culture from a book series from the 60's.

Gor is highly popular in offline BDSM as a roleplay scenario, and fit in well with the sand and sword fantasy setting of Furrabian Nights on the furry game Furcadia, which is the Adults Only area of the text based RP MMO, and it was not the first community within the game to be influenced by the culture.
It is the longest running community still on the game to this day, and one of the first on RPR.

Roleplay is inherently consensual, even for dark themes. Both online and offline.
Players choose to step into the roles, and limits are discussed before a scene is even written out.
They can also know something is reprehensible in the real world, and still explore it in writing without condoning it.

TGT is a k*nk community, even if it is a text based RP community as well - and everything k*nk related within the setting is kept to JUST IC, there is no bleed through to OOC.
(That I know of, I don't pry into people's personal lives and what they get up to with their partners. xD)

If you are uncomfortable, that's wholly understandable, but to hold some moral high ground for not being k*nky is unnecessary. No one is forcing you to interact with those within the community, and you can always keep scrolling if you see a character with the group tag.

If you cannot disconnect OOC and IC, the setting is not for you, and I am not as well.

Side Note: You see gang and mafia scenarios/groups all the time, which has more plausibility as a RL counterpart setting, and yet it is glamourized without a thought - IRL gangs/mafias are just as involved in trafficking of people.
Just a thought.

Rave Reviews

Konnie is a babe through and through. I love all of her brain children because the thought put into them is staggering. I'm sure Kaplan has a freckle on his inner right ankle shaped like a maple leaf or something. THAT DETAILED. I envy the way he can bring new characters to life so readily, I only wish I had that talent! We need to RP, SOON. I'm always happy to creep your creations though. P.S. I have a girlcrush on Draino. <3 - Mina
Satan bless this babyweirdo. One of the only people who can keep up with my weird schedule. I love the things I create with Vegas, whether we play them out or they are just agreed conversations. The characters we make together unwind into some crazy dramatic, dark and lovely territories not many are game to venture toward. Always down for a hard twist or a rehaul, there's a treasure in Vegas you won't find many other places. He cares about his creations deeply, and it shows! - Mina

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