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  • Epic Member
  • Age: 27
  • Birthday: March 09


🌙 konnie: a visual guide 🌙

founder of caribou coast

On Hiatus
if you see me on furcadia, it's 100%75% to chill oocly
i've stepped down as owner of CC - no longer a part of it's staff completely
i wish the community well and you're welcome to reach out to me over discord at Korynn#3152 or PM if you'd like
i'm currently not available for RP unless i reach out first,
working too many hours to afford a move i'd like to make by the fall
😘 love you guys lots

🌃 seeking thread 🌃

Rave Reviews

  • I was just sitting here thinking...why haven't I kudos'd this amazing, creative mind. Time to fix that. Konnie is a wonderful person, both in his character creation but also as a friend. Without him one of my favorite communities would've just died and that...
    -- Caitlin
  • Well I already broke my no-personal-kudos rule so. Here goes nothing. Konnie is incredible to work with when it comes to building a community and has gotten me so hyped up for Bramford it hurts. Konnie's characters are a joy to be around and the writing that takes...
    -- pockets

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