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Profile Last Updated: 5/6/20

hot and spicy memes coming your way in roleplay.

present/past rp partners or friends: be sure to ask me for my discord! always love to have friends on there.

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if i don't respond to an rp in a long while, it's probably because my muse for a character gets destroyed, or, i get distracted (which happens to me very frequently), and i get things mixed up. don't take offense, please; the cause is completely my fault. i usually don't send warnings or anything when i don't respond, but i want to work on remembering to do so. i know that i've done this before, and it's pretty bad, and i know this sort of thing gets on people's nerves. thank you for understanding, i hope this doesn't tarnish your view of me as a roleplayer.

good thing that's out of the for the other stuff!

STATUS Got more or less time on my hands, classes will be ending so I will have more time soon! Currently lurking in search of RPs. Keep an eye out, I might be reopening some past ads to try and get my juices flowing! ;^] REMEMBER! If I don't reply in a while (a week or two, maybe even more), just send me a reminder, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for being patient with me.
(˵ ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°˵)ノ⌒♡*:・。.
theme of the season: ...MONSTER HUNTER


Welcome to my domain. You can call me koobler/koob, Tasty, Papa Kooblu, or Schino. I enjoy games; including Pokemon, Smite, Overwatch, LOL, Final Fantasy, etc. I also enjoy shows, such as Supernatural, The Flash, DBZ, Limitless, and others. I love drawing things as well, and that means ALL character art is done by yours truly. Feel free to slide up in my DMs, 'cause I have too much free time, and I love doing them spicy RPs. Come and talk to me; we'll be the best of buds, I'm sure of it. And if anyone asks, my timezone is Eastern Time.

I think that's a good overview of me. Cheers to being good friends.

RP Do's & Don'ts
My usual genres include fantasy, action, adventure, supernatural, sci-fi, modern, medieval. I'm opening up to the idea of romance stories. I'm also a sucker for dark themes and violence; I LIVE for gore and details, cursing, blood, corrupting characters, manipulation, death, etc (....I may or may not be a bit sick in the head). If we were to do romance, our characters need to have some real chemistry or something, otherwise, I won't do it. Premeditated romance isn't really for me.

Spicy RP Rules
18+ stuff is fine by me, but we both have to be of age. Jail is no fun. I accept all pairings. MxM, FxF, MxF, etc.

No god modding, please and thank you!

I like doing para, and multi-para. One-liners are for simple conversations only. Please don't exclusively post one lined posts. I also try to reflect other people's posts.

While I don't prefer any specific age/age group, just keep in mind that I'd like my partners to be mature.

I like good grammar. Typos, I understand. Constant typos, my lord, that's a killer.

Lastly, have fun. If you have fun, I have fun. :^]

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My Deviantart (i never post anymore)
My Group RP

just because it says i'm online, doesn't mean i'm actually online.

Rave Reviews

Honestly one of the best writers I have come to know, koobler is sweet, funny, kind, and absolutely a mad genius when it comes to writing. I love all her characters and marvel at the amount of work that goes into each and every one of them!~

:3 - lolpopsxxx
I have RPed with Callahan and Evelina and both characters are very detailed and well played, bringing twists and depth to the medieval fantasy stories. A pleasure to talk to OOC as well Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Tusitala2017

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