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present/past rp partners or friends: be sure to ask me for my discord! always love to have friends on there.

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if i don't respond to an rp in a long while, it's probably because my muse for a character gets destroyed, or, i get distracted (which happens to me very frequently), and i get things mixed up. don't take offense, please; the cause is completely my fault. i usually don't send warnings or anything when i don't respond, but i want to work on remembering to do so. i know that i've done this before, and it's pretty bad, and i know this sort of thing gets on people's nerves. thank you for understanding, i hope this doesn't tarnish your view of me as a roleplayer.

good thing that's out of the for the other stuff

RP Do's & Don'ts
My usual genres include fantasy, action, adventure, supernatural, sci-fi, modern, medieval. I'm opening up to the idea of romance stories. I'm also a sucker for dark themes and violence; I LIVE for gore and details, cursing, blood, corrupting characters, manipulation, death, etc (....I may or may not be a bit sick in the head). If we were to do romance, our characters need to have some real chemistry or something, otherwise, I won't do it. Premeditated romance isn't really for me.

Spicy RP Rules
18+ stuff is fine by me, but we both have to be of age. Jail is no fun. I accept all pairings. MxM, FxF, MxF, etc.

No god modding, please and thank you!

I like doing para, and multi-para. Please don't exclusively post one lined posts. I also try to reflect other people's posts.

While I don't prefer any specific age/age group, just keep in mind that I'd like my partners to be mature.

I like good grammar. Typos, I understand. Constant typos, my lord, that's a killer.

Lastly, have fun. If you have fun, I have fun. :^]

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My Deviantart (i never post anymore)
My Group RP

just because it says i'm online, doesn't mean i'm actually online.

Rave Reviews

What can I say about koobler. Other than the fact she's one of the most open, caring and energetic RPers I've met her characters each have their own sense of uniqueness. Honestly she has a character for almost every setting imaginable, and they fit so well! Currently the group that she's running is very well made and is open to new people, which is the main reason how I met her. If you get the chance to RP With her it's an enjoyable experience that you won't regret. - The_Almighty_Q
I needed to give another Kudos to this lovely girly. She is so generous and has created a lot of art that not only added spice to my character profiles but inspired parts of their personalities.

She is always so appreciative and accepting of my ideas and that is honestly beautiful because sometimes I get discouraged when people say no to my ideas too much. Koobler is also quick to add to my ideas and make them even better. I appreciate this girly so much. They've become a close friend. - JoJoApples

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