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There are going to be opinions I have that you don't have.

There are going to be misunderstandings and defenses will rise.

But do understand, that although I can't deny these things from happening, even if I voice my opinion or a misunderstanding does start, I'm not out to kill anyone's fun. In fact, I'm trying to avoid drama. I'll be trying to ease any tension that occurs through RP in favor of having an easy, fair, fun game.

Because OOC drama really sucks :C

Treat me like a person, is all I ask, and I'll do the same. Any rocks down the road can be handled. And if they're handled maturely by all of us, it makes the friendships only stronger.

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I have just recently started to get to know Kryo and I am glad that I have. They've been amusing on many levels and a good ear to listen to. They give thought to plot and dming things as a whole as well as char gen entirely. I am glad to have them on board with running things over at Yveridia. - Djinn-n-Tonic
Probably the most talented writer and artist I've met in any game. She is wonderful, her characters are unique, not two are the same. Definitely RP with this person. - bearclaw

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