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Hi! I've been roleplaying for about five years now and have grown bored with Discord roleplay. I'm looking for creative writers that love an interesting story and even more interesting characters.

I talk a lot, so I do love speaking to my partners OOC!

If we have a ship, believe me when I say that I become easily obsessed with our cuties. I'm talking Pinterest boards, daily adorable photos, and (even) fast(er) replies!

I do mostly enjoy F x M for my stories if they include romance, but a F x F and M x M roleplay is definitely something that I'm not opposed to. I have done both and love them nearly as much as hetero ships!

I do most of my characters on google docs, simply because that tends to be a common requirement amongst the discord roleplay community, but I don't mind if yours are on here. I simply just haven't figured out just how to do that, but once I have, I'll try to do some transferring just for the sake of simplicity!

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