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About Me

As you could've read in my opening, my name's Kujiou (or Levi). Some of my friends call me Jeep or Wagon (Jeep as a joke!!). I don't mind being called Wagon, but please refrain from calling me Jeep unless I give you permission to do so!! I'm a fourteen-year-old male and my birthday lands on the tenth of August. I live in California and go to a public school. My interests include watching Anime, playing Jump Force (mostly with my brother), drawing, writing in my diary, and watching comfort movies.
What Anime I'm Hyperfixated On Atm

So at the moment, AoT is one of my hyperfixations. I could talk about it forever. Luckily, I know someone who also loves AoT, *cough* starwolf *cough* so I always have someone to rant to about it!!
How Do I Rp?

I'm not the best at roleplaying, but I sure try. I normally type around 3-8 sentences, depending on how much you type or the ideas I've had in my head. I ask for you to type no more than 10 sentences, or else I'll get intimidated and lose a little interest in the roleplay!! But I do ask you to type more than 5, or I'll have no ideas what to put next.

Rave Reviews

A really chill guy - someone who is great to just hang out and have a conversation with. Funny and full of knowledge about the things he's interested in, he claims to be bad at socializing but he's actually great at keeping conversation flowing with fun randomness. - TheLorekeeper
Alright so he is the most amazing person to roleplay with even when I may bug him a lot he deals with me so well and he was soemone I felt like I could connect with alot during our roleplays and we’re adding more role plays too they also told me I was the first person he dmed when I welcomed him on the first day he has patients and is very funny when your sad or anything I would totally recommend him to roleplay with 100/100! Wonderful writer Long posts - starwolf

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