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Status slower then normal. Annoyed at can’t finding new partners.

Rp status seeking group Rp or fantasy none sexual dark Rp and get my ocs the attention they need.

If interested

please note. me checking in on you after a day or 2 is not to annoy anybody or anything. i just have had bad luck with people ghosting me a lot. i sometimes ask if you enjoy a rp cause i want us to both enjoy it. please understand. i want our rp to be fun for everybody.

hello im kungpowdragon24. I have rp for awhile now. im a 7th day Adventist. I avoid curtain things because of my belief. but I love mythology and so I add that to my characters a lot. I avoid demons and other evil things. I base a lot of my ocs on anime. now time to get to my personal rules with rp.

typically rarely I make a exeption user over 18 will I rp with. rarely is the cas otherwise. (they have to 18 or older)
give me something to work with.
i do pg or pg 13

Fandom I will do ( I like to use oc to replace the main characters and do a similar plot but a few minor differences)

Dance in the vampire bund
Vampire knight and vampire knight guilty
Rising of the shield hero
Elemental glade
Tomayori princess season 1-2
Yona of Dawn
Snow White with red hair season 1-2
guardian of the spirit
guardian code realize
magi season 1 and 2
adventures of Sinbad
red data girl
Magi magic kingdom
Magi labyrinth
Accel world

im very sensitive about my rp and stories plus my writing and I try my best not to ghost. so I ask you respect my thoughts as I respect yours. now just so you know i don't have my personal beliefs affect my stories or my ocs as they are fake and not real. just my imagination. i like you to respect that and understand that.

i do not claim the art for oc are mine i find them on pintrest. all rights go to those who make them.

I’m looking for darkish Rp ask in pm.

how im feeling: frustrated and bored. rp make me feel better but rarely people respond and im struggling finding a good amount of rp players who like what i like and are willing to play with me or judge my characters or writing. still looking for rp partners.

Rave Reviews

Kungpow is amazing. Their characters are beautiful tailored and provide an amazing story line. I will say I was honestly nervous when we first started but i am so glad to have taken that step! Honestly you gotta give this sweet wonderful person a go at rps! Totally earned the LanxCo seal of approval. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Lanx12
Kungpowdragon23 is amazing rper.
Our rps are long and very atmospheric. I can imagine being there at that time being and can always talk to each other if need change a plot or ideas we have. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - RachKirk

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