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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 30
  • Birthday: September 26

Character Profile Updates!
I will be in the process of updating all of my character profiles to make them a little more customized, a little more detailed, and hopefully more pleasing to the eye.

Give me that RP

About me
I love drawing! I especially like drawing RP characters. You can probably see most of the pics on profiles here. Or you can go to and see them there.

I love writing stories... Well, maybe that was a given, because I'm on here.

I love reading manga! But maybe that was obvious as well. I think it is safe to say I am a fairly obvious person.

RP History
I have been RPing for close to 10 years now. I love to RP! I have a ton of RP characters, though I don't have enough space on the site for most of them. And when I make my characters, I try not to give too much away when doing their history. I like to leave some mystery. :3 I am always up for making a character if you have an idea for a story. I do most styles and genres, so if you are ever interested, let me know!

RP Preferences
I do enjoy fantasy RPs, whether they are modern or medieval (or anything else you can think of). I do enjoy literacy. My partners that tend to lack on spelling, grammar, and punctuation sometimes find that it turns me off of an RP.

I love multi-paragraph posts, but I do not like doing all the work with the plot. I can only put out so much before my posts will eventually run dry. As long as you give me good posts and some content to work with, we will be peachy!

I am fine with any sort of RP situation, so just let me know if anything is off limits to you.

Overall, I'm a pretty cool cat

Rave Reviews

  • If I didn't already have an internet best friend I would probably be pushing to have this funny/kind/creative/outright hilarious (so funny it needs mentioning twice/adorable person.

    Not only do we get along really well OOC, but our characters really do have some...
    -- Ozzyotter3001
  • Neko is a blast to write with! That her characters are diverse and well written is a known fact by now. But what might be an interesting factoid about RPR's local cat is just how engaging her writing is.

    Her phrasing is easy on the eyes and well worded, giving you...
    -- Pirate

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Recent Activity

  • Ozzyotter3001 gave The Zaika (played by kuroi_neko) kudos!
    "The Zaika are well played by Neko and her style of RPing, alongside the characters themselves are very easy to work with. I utterly adore these buns with all of my cold, dead heart and always look forward to another response to our RP!

    Also they're so damn huggable. 100/10"
    Ozzyotter3001 also gave kudos to kuroi_neko.(About 1 month and 12 hours ago)