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I'm just chillin'

Hey what's up I'm Anna. They/Them or She/Her

all my characters are here:
Most of them were created for original stories and have been modified for rp (which is why a lot of them have connections with each other and yeah)

the characters i have up here will probably rotate depending on who i'm rping as

Rave Reviews

lesbiancryptid is an amazing roleplayer, with a variety of diverse characters. She's kind, creative, and a writes long posts that keep the plot moving forward. She responds rather quickly, and she's overall a wonderful roleplayer and writer. I'd recommend rping with her any day! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous
There a really good writer and I love how they can put things short and sweet and long and detailed when needed to. There also very sweet and helpful in OOC’s and I think there character in ‘The twisted ones’ has a very unique design but a mysterious aurora to her. I really can just relate to her 50% of the time, drinking tea and being considerate of others! You’re an amazing writer and I’m sure you’ll get even better! (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Pen_Tsunami

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