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1. If you add me, you must be the first to send a message. You have 24 hours to message me before I ignore you completely.

2. No one-liners. I am looking for long-term descriptive roleplay with at least three sentences per response for the both of us.

3. Don't jump right into a roleplay. I'd very much appreciate it if we could discuss what we'll be roleplaying.

4. My romance roleplays are more of the slow-burn type. Please don't message me right away with romance.

5. Don't ask for my personal information and I won't ask for yours. It's as simple as that.

6. The only other media I have is my Archive of Our Own account and my email. Now that you know, don't ask for anything else.

7. I do FxM, FxF and MxM roleplays. I am mostly a fandom roleplayer. Please don't get mad at me if you suggest something that I don't want to do or something that I am not familiar with.

8. Don't ask for pictures, video calls or my phone number. As stated previously, I do not provide information that could allow a stalker to track me down.

9. I am an artist and have a job outside of roleplaying. Please do not be disappointed if I can not respond right away. Please allow me at least a week's time to respond before you delete me from your friends list.

10. I am NOT okay with severe gore, character death, suicide and suicidal thoughts, mental or physical torture and playing as dominant characters.

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