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Hey! I'm astral, and I love writing! I am 21+.

My interests (besides writing) include video games, anime and manga, sociology and reading, and knitting and baking. Lots of different things! I do suffer from chronic illnesses, so at times I may be slow to respond, though I usually try to get back to people within a week or two.

I'm big on communication with my RP partners. I think it's important to discuss things, and I sometimes like to hash out plots in advance or at least ideas. That way there aren't any unpleasant surprises. Speaking of surprises, I tend to do best if I am given a heads up about disruption (if possible, I understand things come up and I understand chronic illness happens).

I am always open to new stories! If you're interested in a character, or just want to chat, send me a PM!

Please, adults only. I am way more comfortable with that. "Adult" to me means 21+.

Rave Reviews

I've only just started roleplaying with this person, but I do really enjoy their writing ! Excellant detail is given in each post and their care for their characters is clearly apparent. They add alot of detail to their post and it gives me great pleasure to see what they may come up with down the line. Definitely consider roleplaying with this person ^^ Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Kotomi657

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