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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 20

mo/20/F/USA/irl werewolf

hello everyone! im just a cute girl who loves to draw and gawk at monsters. im still new to this site, but i'd love to chat with anyone, so feel free to shoot me a pm!

disclaimer: i work the graveyard shift at a warehouse and am also a full-time college student, so please forgive me if i don't get back to you for a day! if you would like to stop an rp at any time, feel free to let me know! i will not be offended, i am very understanding!

Other Places You Can Find Me:
[*] discord: lilgreengh0uls#3031
[*] art instagram: m00ndrunkm0nster

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Ghoul Bank

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  • Shes really nice with enjoyable characters you should rp with her I enjoy it I bet you would too
    -- Ascalon

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