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| The Dane | Liquidchaos (OOC)

Just another old timer, more commonly known as Crea W of The Golden Tether in Furcadia, and a few names I care not to share. Alive and kicking, trying to enjoy the world and life as it comes. Primarily a abuser of the game called Furcadia and found within the continuum of The Golden Tether, I do enjoy the occasional spat and rp upon this fabulous site but it's more of a means to contact me than it is to find me. It's a great resource and I am still it's biggest fan since the day it was introduced to me on October 25th 2010!!


An important thing to know about me is that I don't have time for drama, I've enough in my life. I'm here to have fun and enjoy creationism with folks who want to be just as creative as me. If you see one of my brain children out playing, come rp at us. I am extremely horrible about asking folks to come and rp with me. I figure if you see me rping or even doing stuff you'd just jump in. Is what it is, but this is something to be aware of when engaging with me
Creator of the Anon species, (c)2013

Proud supporter of

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Heavy work in progress

Not to say there are not plenty of other fabulous people in my life, that I do not love!!


The twisted sister that I am constantly trying to challenge be it her sanity or her bravery. Been in my life for a vundful set of years

Lady face
Talk about being family, this wonderful woman (don't tell her I said that), has been in my life for way to long and not entirely long enough. She's a heart of gold and a soul that encompass so much, I'm truly truly glad she never gave up on me. Even if she's a waffle.

Then there's the force of nature that I have loved for a long time OOCly even if we so rarely manage to have our brain babies come together icly.

The Gypsy butt, the crazy alt lady that's my soul sister, the Scottish overlord, my bone and flesh Neon, my ageless brouhaha shenanigans... the sexy green beast.. so many of you wonderful people that's just flat out put up with my stuff..thanks guys. Really you don't know what it means even if I'm so horrid about messaging or talking to you.
I am also found once again upon World of Warcraft with my 120 shaman Cerdiwyn, feel free to come looking and finding me. I rp and raids on Cenarion Circle,with the Lluchduu Ocheliad usually know where I am if you can't find me in game.

Rave Reviews

LiquidChaos has been someone I've known off and on for a handful of years now. Definitely a joy to chat with OOCly and I do remember rping with her quite frequently in the past. I really ought to jump back onto the wagon with this lovely gal and so should everyone else. <3 - Unicorn
There are not enough words to describe how simply amazing she is. One of the only other people I know that has been around as long and steadily as I have. She is a distinguished veteran of RP, and over the years has had a plethora of amazing and unique characters that I've been honored by interacting with. She is simply put an amazing person in general. To this day one of the kindest, most welcoming, unbiased people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. - Moki

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