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heyo! my name is luna rosa, my pronouns are she/her
i like rping as my characters and currently creating a web comic of my own
im into MBMBAM and TAZ podcasts and super into cartoons : D
im down to chat if you want : )

-Im in highschool still so life gets busy sometimes
-Im in EST time : )

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I suppose you can say me and lunarosa are somewhat close. We’ve both been roleplaying for awhile and it was so strange to see how much it change over the time. It first started off with school drama and then it mellowed out to family drama. Either way, I would consider them a really close friend and always make me feel happy whenever I roleplay with them. They usually keep it short and sweet but when they feel like it they can write a nice paragraph worth of words. I’m really thankful I met them Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Pen_Tsunami

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