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I’m maaazzzyyyy. Welcome to my profile! Feel free to check out my one and only character, Mazikeen. I’ve been working on her for a few years now, but I’m always up for a roleplay with her!

Please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message if you have any ideas you’d want to try out. I’m actually a pretty friendly person, or at least I like to think so.

Depending on the roleplay, I can write from a paragraph to four or five. It all depends on how invested I am in it, and how exciting it’s getting! I’m happy to rp pretty much anything, but am a sucker for romance, as long as it develops naturally.

Roleplaying Rules
There’s a few things I should probably include about what I look for in an rp partner.
    ♡ I would really prefer if you could write up to two paragraphs, each with at least three or four sentences. I’ll try to do the same!
    ♡ I don’t usually like to play out smut, so I’ll avoid it as much as possible. But if it’s a necessity in the roleplay, I can give it a try.
    ♡ Please try to have good grammar! It’s a little frustrating if I can’t read your sentences. I can understand spelling mistakes, I do those sometimes, but not every post.
    ♡ I would really prefer to somehow include romance, as long as it develops naturally. As I said before, I’m a sucker for a good love story.

If you think I’m interesting enough, send me a message and we can come up with a plot! :D


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Rave Reviews

She's beyond patient, she's a sweetheart, and I love her to pieces. She understands my crazy lifestyle and random bouts of radio silence due to both life and mental chaos. Her posts are amazing and I love reading them, and she's super friendly OOC. Definitely check her out! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - MomoMonroe
I consider myself extremely lucky that I've met this person right here, because she's simply amazing! She's an incredibly talented role player, her posts are full of emotions who can range from absolutely thrilling to being real tearjerkers (you know which scene :'( ) and the way she skillfully writes her character Maze make her seem almost real. Thank you for asking me to rp those seven months ago. It really doesn't feel that long and I can't wait to continue playing with you <3 - Krahler

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