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I can't do a pretty profile for shit. Please forgive me.
10/05/2019 | Kinda going through a dry spell, please bare with me. Every time I sit down and try to get a response I blank out. Sorry y'all.


Hello everyone, nice of ya to stop by!

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About Me
► 21 years old (DOB 02/22/1998)

► I am a pre-everything transdude. You can call me Mason, Mace, or Lamb. He/Him/His pronouns please.

► I live in South Texas. Central standard time zone. I think that's GMT-5.

► Currently own 4 dogs, 3 cats, 3 crested geckos (Rango pictured here) and about 15 or so chickens.

► I work overnights as an admissions clerk at my local hospital. I generally work 8p-6a.

► I've got 3 tattoos, hoping for more soon. My ears are gauged as well. (They had been at 8g but I had a blowout and had to downsize back to 10g.)

► I can come across as a hardass sometimes. I apologize if I do, I promise you it's not personal. I'm a bit uncomfortable in some social situations and have a tendency to be a bit sarcastic when I'm nervous. Sorry. :/

► I don't have a very exciting life but feel free to follow me on IG - @thedementedlamb98.
My Roleplaying Preferences & What I Look For in a Partner

► I write third person, past tense. (he said/she walked/etc)

► I don't accept godmodding. Minor things are alright but nothing too drastic.

► Don't try to kill off my characters or do anything too drastic without talking to me about it first.

► I do want to point out that a lot of the things I roleplay with someone may not become canon to their character. I use roleplaying as a means to develop characters. That being said, it's very likely that I'll be roleplaying my characters with more than one character.

► I'm fine with roleplaying sex/abuse/drugs/etc. I'm working on trying to develop how I write things like that, I will not do any sex without plot kinda things. I might be okay with kinks, it just depends. My F-List with general yes/no kinks and character preferences can be found here.

► I will not roleplay with players or characters under the age of 18. Please use common sense when messaging me.

► No chatspeak. Please use appropriate grammar - I don't expect you to be perfect by any means, I have my slip ups here and there but if it's obvious you don't have the best grasp on the English language I might not be willing to roleplay with you.

► I'd prefer you'd play through smut in semi-detail at least. If prior discussed, I might be willing to FTB.

► Try to send a reply at least once a week. I understand things come up, so if you think it'll take a little longer, don't be afraid to send me a message. I go through times here and there where it takes me a little longer to respond, but if I feel like I'm no longer willing to do the roleplay, I'll let you know and expect you to do the same.


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His characters are exquisite and unique, and his talent for storytelling/plot developing is amazing. Along with that, he's also one of the most friendliest people I've met on this site. I always look forward to getting a response from him :) Definitely don't pass up an opportunity to RP with him! - Xion

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