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  • Gender: Transgender Man
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: February 22

About Me
Name: Mason
Age: 21
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Timezone: Central (I'm in South Texas)

Mentally not in a good place right now. I'm trying to keep up with everything but I'm really struggling. Please be aware I'm not on too much at the second. 3/25

* I do work a full time job (overnight shifts, normally). Sometimes I have the time at work to roleplay, sometimes I do not. Please be aware it may take me about a week or so to respond to your messages. *

My Roleplaying

    › I typically roleplay third person past tense.
    › I don't accept godmodding.
    › Don't try to kill off my characters or do anything too drastic without talking to me about it first.
    › I do want to point out that a lot of the things I roleplay with someone may not become canon to their character. I use roleplaying as a means to develop characters.
    › That being said, it's very likely that I'll be roleplaying my characters with more than one character.
    › I'm fine with roleplaying sex/abuse/drugs/etc. I'm working on trying to develop how I write things like that, I will not do any sex without plot kinda things. I might be okay with kinks, it just depends.
    › No chatspeak please!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me! Alternatively, if you're interested in starting a roleplay, PM me and I'll consider it!

Profile picture is of my crested gecko Rango. Feel free to follow him on Instagram ;)(@rango_thecrestedgecko)

Rave Reviews

  • His characters are exquisite and unique, and his talent for storytelling/plot developing is amazing. Along with that, he's also one of the most friendliest people I've met on this site. I always look forward to getting a response from him :) Definitely don't pass up an opportunity to RP with him!
    -- Xion

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