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Marie | 27
21+ Players Only. 18+ Characters.

Just wanna write.

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Pockets hosted a Trick-or-Treat thread during Halloween. Although it was supernatural in nature, the scene did a great job of adjusting to other characters (mine came from the real-modern world without magic). The scenerio was fun and innovative and there was great detail in describing the setting and the characters helped move the action along without anything feeling forced. It really had a great pace to it There was also lots of room to be creative and and the response time was really good. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - AgentMilkshake
Romulus (played by Marie)
Romulus is a character that on the surface seems like someone who might not be fun to interact with. His powers seem a bit over the top, but let me tell you right now that is not the case. He is not some person out to hunt down the badguys, he will drink and smoke with the badguys. He's a breath of fresh air, insanely fun to interact with and very much a go with the flow character. He can easily slip in and out of various types of plots and that is a rather unique quality in my opinion. Great sense of humor Concise posts - Caitlin

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