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Well I guess it's about time I do this...hello to whoever is exploring my profile I am maxd234, relatively new to RP kinda just saw RPR as home for my Dimensonal Lord OCs.

"What are Dimensonal Lords?" you may ask. Well let me explain: they are beings closely related to mortals but much more powerful though, they are not gods not demons in actuality they hate gods and demons. There purpose is to influence mortal lives either to keep them on the path of fate or off of it. They regulate things like how advance do Technolgy be or how slow it will develop or even regulating how much destruction will happen when a disaster strikes. The way to think of them is think of them as the Deadra from the Elder scrolls series.

I know it's a bit to take in but don't worry of other characters to use when RPing :)

I'm usually down with fantasy, sci-fi and even romance RP and don't hesitate to message me if you want to RP with me :)

A little about me is that I go to college, have a disabled sister, I like playing video games(kinda explains the semi late replies, sorry) and my favorite band is Iron Maiden(Up the Irons!)

P.S if your wondering I have an Xbox one and my username is the same on there, so if you want to play just pop me a message.

Oh don't make me mad or you'll face Quintsson Justice!

Rave Reviews

Maxd234 is an awesome writer and I love the characters I have been able to interact with. I always look forward to getting a response from them! I'm glad that I have been able to interact with them and honored to have drawn some of their characters. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Galaxy-Star
Max pushes forward with many enticing ideas. So many characters were made with the desire to bring to light in the world some untold element. Creative ideas Fast responses - Luxo

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    Max is one of the invaluable jewels of the site. Not only he is an awesome and kind-hearted friend, but also he is an exceedingly fantastic writer capable of using great literary and fantastic words in his sentences, he is an excellent descriptive writer which adds unique beauty to the story. He has a lot of characters and all of them are unique and well-designed which means he is also an exceedingly flexible roleplayer and has a character for all kinds of tastes. Helpful Wonderful writer
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