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I like to dabble in stories.

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Rave Reviews

Do I even have to do this? Because at this point, everyone should know how good this guy is. He responds not only with paragraphs, but usually more than one! His characters - or at least, the one I'm RPing with - are so well thought out and portrayed throughout his responses that sometimes I just gotta sit back and think..."Goddamn." The amount of effort he puts into everything is so wonderful, and I am truly honored to be able to be in an RP with him! - FandomsForDays
There are not words to describe how mericosine is able to perfectly depict what it is their specific character is doing and when. This partner has been able to properly show the ability to build a world with just words alone and build backstories of a lifetime for their characters. If there is anything I can say, is I really have enjoyed their lengthy responses: It gives more of a novel-like feeling and I have completely fallen in love with the story we have created and the characters. 10/10! :D - BellaMaeron

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