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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 19

RP Request Status: OPEN
Reply Status: ONGOING

Friend Requests!
As a heads up, I do not accept random friend requests unless you've talked to me more than twice in a full conversation. It's no hard feels: I just want to make sure that the people on my friends list want to talk with me.

「♠ Welcome to my profile! ♠」

Hello there! I'm mericosine, or meri for short. I have been role playing for almost a year now so I am pretty new among those I have discovered on RPR. However, I do consider myself up to par is I strive to improve my writing and challenge myself within the face of more experienced role players. I do have preferences on the role plays, most of which are leaning towards modern and fantasy romance. Nonetheless, I do encourage you to hit me with your ideas as I am looking for more stories to write, though it is no guarantee that my interest won't be anchored for long. If I am the one asking to role play with you, I can assure that we will be writing for quite a while. ☺

☼ Role Play Specifics ☼

OOC Conversations: Though I do not mind coming up with the plot, please do not ask me to role play and also expect me to come up with all the ideas. I much prefer building a story together. This also means that I want to confirm limits to keep the role play as pleasant as possible for my partners. Other than that, I am open to having casual conversations outside of our role play.

Limitations/Restrictions: Before we begin our role play, please inform me of anything you want do avoid. This is very critical. The last thing I want to do is offend you in the middle of a story. However, I do not prefer to play with franchise characters and anthropomorphic animal characters with the exception of werewolves. I also do not want to create a new character just to fit into your plot idea. While I do respect your interests, this is just a personal preference and you should not be cynical because of that.

Genres/Themes: I am typically drawn by modern and fantasy role plays yet I lean towards those because I have little to no experience in other genres. However, I am willing to give a shot to those that have action, romance, supernatural, and (maybe) slice-of-life themes. Although I do have anime face claims, I do not want to do role plays that have an abundance of anime tropes. Please comply.

Response Lengths: I do appreciate the effort my partners put into their posts, given their various play styles. I consider myself to be an aspiring writer because I want to develop and advance my replies over time. I don't have a clear sense of my post lengths, but I do aim for up to 3 paragraphs or more, with two being the minimum. That being said, my responses tend to be expressive and detailed with fluid bodies. I expect my current and future partners to do the same for me.

♣ OOC Specifics ♣

I'm currently...
- In college.
- In the Pacific Standard Time (PST) zone.
- Open to M || F pairings.
- A big fan of world building and plot development.
- Uninterested in one liners, script style, asterisks, and italicized paragraphs.
- Uninterested in a plot that revolves entirely around romance/smut with some exceptions.
- Uninterested in furries and neko wannabes.
- Uninterested in canon characters.

Character's I am most interested in writing at the moment: David, Tobias, and Zenji.

I only have one requirement for role playing with anonymous characters: Be willing to share your username and player profile with me on request. I refuse to play with any mystery person if they can't fulfill this requirement.

For those who use the RPG Rating System, my rating is 3/3/2.

Available Sites: RPR|Furcadia|Kik|Skype|Discord|Email

♦ OOC Notes ♦

I am a college student working towards that degree so there will be times that my replies may be delayed. I also may have forgotten to reply from overworking myself to a certain extent. That being said, please be patient with me or give me a poke. I am writing this so you would not get any other ideas on my unresponsiveness. However, if I feel that things may not work out, I will notify you.

As of this current moment, I have 2 active role plays. As of now, I am looking for more to fill my plate since my previous partners are either busy or not interested.

To my current partners...

Words cannot describe how much you all mean to me. I chose you because I thought we could write an amazing story together. I do have to admit. Role playing with you is challenging, even if I may not act like it. But that is okay. I'm up for that. I'll take that on anytime. Because I want to write and create something we can enjoy. So I thank you. Here are some tips while you're still here!
- Take breaks once in a while. Siestas are key!
- Stay hydrated.
- Personal life first. I encourage you to wrap up your loose ends.

Thanks for reading!

Original formatting by Pendanati.

Rave Reviews

  • Do I even have to do this? Because at this point, everyone should know how good this guy is. He responds not only with paragraphs, but usually more than one! His characters - or at least, the one I'm RPing with - are so well thought out and portrayed throughout his...
    -- FandomsForDays
  • I am going to start off with saying that a 500 limit to describe how amazing he is is too little! I have happily been enjoying our rp ever since his first reply. The detail and emotion in each one of his sentences is absolutely breathtaking. I love reading his...
    -- AmongstTheStars

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