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19, literature student, bookworm that doesn't read, literate to novella style roleplayer
timezone: gmt

Rave Reviews

Metacarpal, first of all, writes interesting and multi-faceted characters that you keep wanting to get to know better - and can develop a plot to have more twists and turns than I could ever get my remaining brain cells to come up with 🌻 Amazing writer, great for sparring along the way, and understanding for when ~life~ happens. Send me a instant-buy-link if you ever decide to write a book, please and thank you lol Wonderful writer Long-term partner - JulieL
Meta and I have several RP’s going on, and each one she has a new and dynamic character. Her characters are fun to write with; and she is very understanding and patient. She also does a great job of communicating and planning ahead. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Redrose

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