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Hello! My name is Mia, and I’ve been roleplaying for more than 12 years. Genres I enjoy include science fiction, post-apocalyptic, Wild West, and modern day.

I help run an amazing Sci-Fi community, the Mobius Strip Galaxy. Flex your creativity and join us! The galaxy is the limit.


If you're looking to RP, catch me on Discord as miarup#5759. Or, as always, you are welcome to shoot me a message on RPR.


DISCLAIMER: I work very long, weird hours. In any given week, I will work three or more 12-hour shifts. Please forgive me if I take long periods of time to reply to roleplays, or disappear from time to time. My career is very mentally and physically grueling, and sometimes I just need a break to clear my head.


Rave Reviews

Jaheira (played by miarup)
Jaheira is a badass and I love everything about her. While I haven't gotten to do a lot with her, everything we've done has been a real treat. She's a wonderful character, but I will always have a fondness for a character that takes no shit. - Rook
Jaheira (played by miarup)
Jaheira is a character that knows what going through hell and back feels like, having lost her parents at a young age, and so much more. Going from a wild, drunken gay exhibitionist, to hero, to responsible mom, her progression has been quite a rollercoaster ride. But her story is not done yet. I look forward to see how Jaheira continues to grow, and what other shenanigans she'll pull! - Avelithe

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