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Disclaimer: All art I use is either my own, was made using an online avatar creator or is from Pinterest. Any art that isn't mine belongs to the original creators.

Pfp from: My ES avi

~If you're seeking RP, please read the following~


♟ I'm usually flexible with length, but unless we're on Discord I'd prefer no one-liners. One-worders are not acceptable.♟

♟ Please put effort into your spelling and grammar. That doesn't mean it has to be perfect, but I expect you to put in the same amount of effort I do.♟

♟ No godmodding or throwing ideas at me without asking or discussing. If I never said my character did that or felt that or is that, then they aren't/don't/haven't. Overpowered characters are fine IF and only if it makes sense for the plot and it's discussed beforehand.♟

♟ I don't write smut/erotica. Fade-to-black is okay when it makes sense. Explicit jokes and language are fine though.♟

♟ I'd prefer it if you didn't ghost me. Please tell me if you're going to be gone or update your status and I can wait for however long is needed. If real-life happens, I understand, but if you just up and leave because you don't feel like RPing with me anymore that's honestly quite rude and makes me worry. ♟

♟ Never romanticize pedophilia, incest, (TW) self-harm, rape, suicide, etc. Etc. That's disgusting.♟

♟ Be respectful. If we have a disagreement, let's work it out instead of being rude.♟

~RP examples~
Last example taken from RP with the lovely Jence; written by me. I didn't want to write a new thing that long just for an example.
When I say one-liner, I mean:
He looked over at them. "Yeah? You think so?"

When I say paragraph, I mean:
A gentle breeze blew strands of caramel hair across her face, and a slight laugh left her lips as she turned her gaze back onto her friend. "No, not really. I would like to try sometime, though... It's a shame I never learned how to swim. Maybe you could teach me sometime, yeah?" she asked, sounding hopeful. She thought that it would be useful to learn how to swim, and besides, it looked fun. "But we should focus on the present now, though, right?" she added, looking down below her, feet swinging off the edge of the floating cloud. Ah, how nice it was to be an air spirit...

When I say multi-para literate, I mean:
”Your friend looks a bit like a snowman. I only got a glimpse but his hair's got some white in it,” Abbot piped up, a gentle hand on Prism's shoulder. ”Hey, don't reach out too far or you're going to fall off the bed,” he warned suddenly, laughing. His small friend was poking at the curtain separating him from Mat, slender fingers making little indents in the thick fabric. From the other side, it would have looked as if he was reaching for him through the cloth, and it certainly couldn't be Abbot's hand, as it was simply too small.

”I'm not going to, and besides, after encountering a villain, I'm sure falling off of a bed wouldn't do much to me.”
Prism's face broke into a small smile as he heard Matthew's voice. He knew he was alive, but it still brought a flood of relief to hear Mat himself. He didn't trust doctors and nurses, since they were always saying things to make things seem less bad than they actually were.

”Your mother's going to be just fine, don't worry. We're taking good care of her, and we'll get her all better and back home to you in no time.”

The green-haired boy shook his head-- this wasn't the time to be reminiscing on that. ”I'm glad to hear that! It's not like I expected you to be in tip-top condition after all that…” he trailed off. While he was prone to second-guess himself, he was pretty sure that his new friend sounded a little distressed. ”I'm just fine, though. A little achey, but I'm all good,” he continued, doing his best to sound cheerful. In truth, all of his muscles felt like they were on fire and his limbs felt as if they were made of lead, but he figured there wasn't anything the brunette could do about it. Same went for the memories he had. His voice did shake a little, though, as he spoke. ”It sounds like your hair is still sort of white, huh? I didn't really look too close at it last night, so I sort of wonder how it looks now.”

Both the gaze of Prism and his pink-haired friend turned to the nurse when she spoke, the shorter of the two halfway off the bed with his hand in the curtains. ”S0 soon? We only just got here…” Abbot sighed, but realized that he would have to attend all of his classes. It wasn't like he could skip them, although he felt bad leaving Prism alone again. He knew his friend didn't like hospitals for a good reason, but reasoned to himself that he at least wouldn't be alone and would have Matthew in the room with him. ”Alright, then. I suppose I should get going, since my classes are at the other end of the school…”
Unfortunate, but the truth was what the tall boy spoke as he rose from his stool. He gave Prism a pat on the forehead as a parting. ”Take it easy, and I will hopefully see you in school soon, alright? And Matthew, do be kind to him,” he sighed, the last part coming a bit jokingly. ”Kyra, you should probably come with me. I'd better watch to make sure you don't get into some sort of trouble.” he continued as he walked out and paused at the door.

Prism sighed, closing his eyes and letting go of the curtains. Without realizing it, he'd been starting to grip them tightly. Just like his mother's bedsheets...
He wouldn't think about that now. ”So I guess we're going to be stuck here most of the day, aren't we?” he hummed as he looked directly at… nothing, really. He was preparing himself for a day of mostly boredom, but hoped he could at least go back to his own home at the end of it.



♡ I like♡

♡ Romance; pairings of any gender.

♡ Fantasy! High or low, modern or medieval.

♡ Slice of life with a bit of spice (like action or comedy or whatever).

♡ Hurt/comfort/recovery.

♡ Sci-fi or dystopian; I'm new to it but willing to try!

♡ OOC chatter! This doesn't always mean getting deeply personal, though.
♤I don't like♤

♤Killing off main characters without proper consent from both parties.

♤Combat mechanics. Occasional dice are okay with me but it's too difficult with strict mechanics over text.

♤Majorly prominent eating disorders. It's okay if your character has one, but it can't be the center of the RP. I'd like to avoid descriptions of (TW) restricting, purging, etc. for personal reasons.

♤In the same boat, angst/suffering. It's nice, but having bad things happen to your character and ruin every event is a little too much.

♤Fandom roleplay.

♤Excessive bumping/spam/harrassment

♤Writing in the second person-- you can, but I won't.

I'm open to new ideas, but a no is a no.



<3 PM me here if you're interested! <3
Discord: Dollmilk#2649

"About me"

Hi! I'm milktea_dollie! You can just call me Doll or Lexon though if you'd like. I'm not really sure how to make a personal introduction, so I figured a bullet list would be fine!
What to call me: Lexon or Doll.
Pronouns: She/her
Nicknames: None yet, unless my online aliases count.
Race: Human.
Height: 5'2"
Hair: Half-blonde half lime-green and my dumb dark roots growing out.
Handedness: Left
Personality: INFP-T I try to be really nice and understanding to people online, although I tend to lack a filter sometimes. I'm sort of a pushover and indecisive and I hate making waves among groups of people. Gets weirdly attached to people and worry about them (you, yes you) way too much.
Mannerisms: Lots of UwU, OwO, ^v^, ^w^, and any variation thereof.
Likes: People, food, cozy clothes, cute things and art and music, anime.
Dislikes: People (depends on my mood tbh), Brussel sprouts, being sidetracked, being unproductive, failure.
Weaknesses/possible hindrace: I tend to avoid things just to eliminate future obligations.
Languages spoken: English, a bit of French
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, character/world-building, walking.
Zodiac: Virgo
Phobias: Pseudodysphagia (fear of choking/having objects lodged in throat)

Rave Reviews

Such a perfect writer, long and descriptive with well fleshed out characters and patients to handle my dyslexia. All around my favorite RPer Wonderful writer Long-term partner - WhatIsMyLifeATGA
Even though I've been slow on the replies on this person, they've been really accepting and patient in the rp! Sometimes they do ooc chat and it's nice to have. They try to match up with paragraph size too and bring in effort to their replies! Have a try rping with them as they are definitely a great person~ - FrootLoops

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