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Disclaimer: All art I use is either my own, was made using an online avatar creator or is from Pinterest. Any art that isn't mine belongs to the original creators.

~If you're seeking RP, please read the following~

♔ Standards/rules♔

❆I'm usually flexible with length, but unless we're on Discord I'd prefer no one-liners. If you give me one word as a response, though, I'm afraid it won't work.

❆Please have correct spelling and grammar-- mistakes are fine, but unless you have a condition such as dyslexia, if you have frequent and disruptive grammatical errors (such as fragments not written in a way to stylize) in your writing I'm going to feel as if you don't value the RP.

❆No godmodding or throwing ideas at me without asking or discussing. I'm all for plot twists, but if I never said my character did that or felt that or is that, then they aren't/don't/haven't.

❆I prefer third-person, but first/second is okay too. However, don't expect me to match that.

❆Don't pressure me to do something I don't want to-- not everything is covered here, and that doesn't mean I'll do anything not listed. In addition, I will not hesitate to drop the RP should the behavior persist.

❆On the same lines, I don't write smut/erotica. Fade-to-black and explicit jokes are fine though.

❆I'd prefer it if you didn't ghost me. Please tell me if you're going to be gone or update your status and I can wait for however long is needed. If real-life happens, I understand, but if you just up and leave because you don't feel like RPing with me anymore that's honestly quite rude and makes me worry.

❆Never romanticize pedophilia, incest, (TW) self-harm, rape, suicide, etc. Etc. That's disgusting.

❆Be respectful. If we have a disagreement, let's work it out instead of being rude.



I like

✓ Romance; pairings of any gender.

✓Fantasy! High or low, modern or medieval.

✓Slice of life with a bit of spice (like action or comedy or whatever).


✓Sci-fi or dystopian; I'm new to it but willing to try!

✓ OOC chatter! This doesn't mean getting deeply personal, though.

✓ I'm open to new ideas, but a no is a no.
I don't like

✕ Killing off main characters without proper consent from both parties.

✕ Combat mechanics. Occasional dice are okay with me but it's too difficult with strict mechanics over text.

✕Majorly prominent eating disorders. It's okay if your character has one, but it can't be the center of the RP. I'd like to avoid descriptions of (TW) restricting, purging, etc. for personal reasons.

✕ In the same boat, angst/suffering. It's nice, but having bad things happen to your character and ruin every event is a little too much.

✕ Fandom roleplay.

✕ Excessive bumping/spam/harrassment


Character Availability (please read if you want a specific chara)

~This is a list of the characters I do and don't have available for RP. ~

I may use "closed" characters if I deem fit for a certain plot, but you shouldn't request RP with one out of the blue.

Temporarily, all are closed as I am not accepting new RP, but if I were to be open, this is the availability chart (including both anons (which is because they're not finished) and public characters).

Open for RP: Aki, Neon, Chenor, Coral, Hiko, Laken, Mafuyu, Miki (not June), Monika, Osamu, Regan, Wataruki, Sekai, and Zerachiel.

Closed for RP: Chizuyo, Edin, Haruto, Io, Kai, Lulurui, Lumi, June, Nagomi, Prism, Ringo, Sakura, Tsuki, Uri'Taell and Winter.

♡PM me here if you're interested! I do have Discord, and I'll give it to you if you ask.♡
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"About me"

Hi! I'm milktea_dollie (formerly known as Dekko and even before that, Maple-chan)! I'm also not really sure how to make a personal introduction, so I figured the same bulleted list I use for characters would be fine, of course leaving out some more personal information.

Name: U thought
Gender: Female
Nicknames: None yet, unless my online aliases count.
Race: Human.
Height: 5'1.75"
Hair: Half-yellow and half-pink and my dumb dark roots growing out.
Handedness: Left
Personality: INFP-T I try to be really nice and understanding to people online, although I tend to lack a filter sometimes. I'm sort of a pushover and indecisive and I hate making waves among groups of people. Gets weirdly attached to people and worry about them (you, yes you) way too much.
Mannerisms: Lots of UwU, OwO, ^v^, ^w^, and any variation thereof.
Likes: People, food, cozy clothes, cute things and art and music, anime.
Dislikes: People (depends on my mood tbh), Brussel sprouts, being sidetracked, being unproductive, failure.
Weaknesses/possible hindrace: I tend to avoid things just to eliminate future obligations.
Languages spoken: English, a bit of French
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, character/world-building, walking.
Zodiac: Virgo
Phobias: Pseudodysphagia (fear of choking/having objects lodged in throat)


Rave Reviews

Ahh.... Where do I even begin?! Dekko is and has been amazing friend! I've never role-played with her, but still, if you want a caring, fun peep to talk to Dekkoi s the person you want. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Anonymous
LITERAL GOD AT ROLEPLAYING!!! If you are roleplaying with Dekko, you will already know what I'm on about. Thats all. Mic Drop. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - XTXtraVolt

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