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01/26/15 UPDATE: IF YOU HAVE ANY ACTIVE RP'S WITH ME, PLEASE CONTACT ME BY PM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I just want to know how it's going with y'all, that's all. Please communicate anything that is bothering you or if you want to call off an RP altogether, which I will understand. Don't leave me hanging though!

If I do not get to updating within 24 hours of any given response, assume that college is keeping me busy.

If we're RPing, please inform me if you won't be able to respond. If no reason is given, I will assume that real life takes precedence over RP, which I understand.

old news
UPDATE 11/23/14: kinda up for solo rps but not group ones...yet.

UPDATE 5/25/14: For anyone who is in the OKAY group, I am so sorry for the continued hiatus. I have suddenly fallen into an RP slump due to school events and a recent tragedy. Expect me to get my feet back up by June.

about me
I like stories. I like making stories. I like worldbuilding. I like...uh...stories.

I am open for any RPs except the R-18/smut ones.

Specifically: modern day RP, sci-fi or fantasy RP in the modern era, RPs of a parodic or humorous nature
I don't usually do: medieval fantasy RP (unless I get to work in non-D&D stuff in there!), extreme dark and edgy RP, hard sci-fi stuff

I don't care about how long you post, I'll make it work somehow. As a concession I'll try my darndest not to post one-liners.

Freeform preference, though I could work with a limited dice system. I prefer D&D-esque RP-ing offline.

Please message me and hit me up for stuff. I am a bored person who wants the challenge of responding and wondering how people are going to respond to my responses.

Geocities page

other aliases

STEAM: mk-97
hit me up if you wanna play some video games.

Rave Reviews

Oh goodness! Mk has a wonderful way with humor and oddball situations, and quite skilled at feeding into an RP to keep things rolling and interesting! - Zelphyr
Fantastic writer, I can barely keep up with him! Hopefully he doesn't mind my slighter shorter posts. He adds tons of detail, and while our RP has just started I already find myself super eager to get each reply. His character (at least Roy) is detailed, and fantastic. It's nice to see a character that isn't super visually appealing (on purpose! Since he's a bigfoot and all! Which is also super unique!) make up for it with tons of personality. I'm sure we'll have tons of fun! Amazing guy! - Amirrora

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