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To anyone reading this-- Hello!

Moleala here, or Mo, whichever is good with me.
I've enjoyed writing for a great deal of my life and have RP'd on and off for the past few years. For most of my RPs I prefer to have at least 3 paragraph responses~ It just seems to flow nicely that way and I appreciate if my partner would do the same

Some of my favorite genres to RP include but are not limited to~

Romance (Smut typically being included, so please be 18+ ^^)
Mystery/Sci fi
Time Period (Medieval and Western being some of my favorites)
Fandom (I enjoy several so please do not hesitate to ask)
Crime (huge fan of Criminal Minds and Law and Order SVU)

My Hours of Operation~

Honestly, they can be kind of sporadic. I do have a job which I work at from 7AM - 3:30PM Monday through Friday for the most part. I'm also a resident of the Central Standard Time Zone :) I typically try to reply once every day or once every other day~ If I should happen to take longer, I will try to let you know.

Rave Reviews

It's been a short amount of time since we started roleplaying together but she's amazing! We're doing a Stranger Things one. I love the way she gets into character and how she interprets canon characters since that's actually hard to do. I simply love the way she writes <3 - Nare
As a newcomer to RPR, I feel extremely lucky to have stumbled across moleala and been given the opportunity to share in a role-play with her. Her writing style is fluid, and fun to keep up with! All of her replies are well-thought out, and she is just amazing at creating atmosphere. I'm really enjoying myself; thanks for picking me to role-play with you :) <3 - Calathe

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