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Hey, I'm moonwatch!
I used to do a lot of roleplaying on another site, but I've moved away from there to here. Wanted to see what this one has to offer!

I don't know what sort of information is important to mention, so I guess I'll just go ahead and list some things that might be:

- I generally run on a busy schedule, so my activity may be sporadic. But if I need to be away for an extended length of time, I will let my RP partners know.

- I'm open to play both male and female characters, but there is one that I prefer. Check my characters!

- The character(s) I've created on my profile are only rough templates. I can adapt them to a specific RP's needs, or make completely new ones.

- I enjoy 18+ roleplays the most, especially ones with some smut mixed in (I love it, really,) but rich plots and character depth are what fuel me.

- Feel free to PM me with ideas! I can't guarantee that I'll hop in to whatever you may offer, but I will consider each and every one.

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