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jack / 25 / he/they

elusive wisp of a human being.

i miss roleplaying. trying to find my way back to it.


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all the art on my pages is by me unless credited otherwise

eternal work in progress :')

Rave Reviews

jack-attack. jack to the mac. jack of spades. jackie boy.

cold-handed jack is warmhearted, and kind. a lit wick of creativity, a candle i keep close. you will love him for his Wildeian wit and unprecedented meme knowledge. - kroweling
ahhh friend jack. it has been many many eons since i've left you one of these and hundreds are deserved. such a warm and optimistic person with very, very talented hands and an expansive imagination that could fill thousands of pages.

jack has enthusiasm not only for his own creations, who are so lovingly made that they could be considered friends, but enthusiasm for the creations of others. and a creative partner like that, with those such good qualities, is very hard to come by. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - fig

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