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Charmed, I'm sure

Warning and Disclaimers

[*] I am SUPER No bullshit - That's No bullshit with cape. I'll make your head spin with how fast I'm gone
[*] I'm Switzerland - You don't like someone? Don't be friends with them. Just don't presume to tell me what I can and cannot do with my friends
[*] Respect is everything - Cross that line, consider that bridge burned
[*] Communication is Key - Let's talk. Sometimes about real shit, sometimes about silly shit. Don't leave me hanging. I hate it.
[*] Get to know me before you talk shit about me. I've probably said worse about myself.

#IAmAnAdult * #RPER *#Poundsign * #DramaFree *#Music=Life *#Terrible@updating *#Leo *#The-Moon-is-a-Wolf

Imprints & Exclusives
The Sun
The Moon
The North Star


My Schedule
I work a full time schedule - I am 100% retired from Furcadia and now living on the East Coast. All of my plots are closed, but I am looking to get back into exclusively Discord RP. I'm open to DMs here on RPR but reserve my Discord to "In server communications & Friends" Only - All times are in EST

Monday: Best Availability after 5PM
Tuesday: Best Availability after 5PM
Wednesday: Best Availability after 5PM
Thursday: Best Availability after 5PM
Friday: Best Availability after 5PM
Saturday: Mostly available all day
Sunday: Mostly available all day

I'm working on this. I'm terrible at Code, and being cool and what not. Talk to me. I'm sarcastic but friendly. I like to write.... I'm gonna go to my corner now

(14:10:01) Corvin: trying to put out that fire is like trying to get Kim Kardashian into a convent

Music will go here..


Rave Reviews

MK is sooo sweet! She puts up with my spotty muse, posts quickly and always is willing to share the veritable “drivers seat” that is plot progression. I don't always “have” to drive with her, but she shares and it's wonderful. RP with her is an effortless thing and it's so enjoyable. Her skill level is over 9000 and that's not even counting her panoply of diverse characters. I've made a fast friend in MK, they're compassionate and honest. I couldn't be more thankful! - Mina
Hot to trot, this woman is loaded with personality and fun. I always enjoy running into her on an IC or OOC basis. Give her a poke, she is well worth the look see. - CrescentNomad

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